Terminator Sergeant

Posted: 14/06/2005 in Warhammer 40K

Continuo trabalhando no army de salamanders para o Torneio de Inverno… terminar o army em tempo é um projeto que tem consumido todo o meu tempo livre e ainda estou longe de acabar… se me forçar a pintar uma miniatura por dia acho que consigo  em tempo… acabei de dar o upload do sargento do meu novo esquadrão de terminators na galeria "Warhammer 40K – Salamanders".

Comentários e criticas são sempre bem vindos!

I’ve also started giving the adress to this blog to some friends outside Brazil and as a consequance I fell compeled to write stuff in english as well so  any eventual visitors can interact and understand what’ going on here (even if I’m still thinking whether someone usually checks this spot or not).

Anyway, to english speaking visitors… this post is only to state that I’ve added a new model to the "Warhammer 40K – Salamanders" gallery… a terminator sergeant as the title suggests… your comments and criticisms are the only way I have to improve my painting skill so fire away!

I’m also WAY behind schedule on painting my Salamander army for the upcoming brazilian winter tournament(to be held in Rio de Janeiro in july) so I’ll really have to haul a** if I want to finish in time… wish me luck!




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