Updates Summary!

Posted: 31/10/2006 in Geral

Hey guys!

I do have some English speaking readers over here and it’s high time I pay them their dues.

I normally write any updates on this blog in both Portuguese and English but this has been a slow restart of activities so please forgive me and bear with me through these troubled times.

I haven’t painted much lately but on the bright side I started gaming again which has breathed in me the desire to do nice hobby related stuff again.

Coming back I realized it’s been a hell of a lot of time without any updates here, over 5 months, which has probably made me lose a lot of readers… if there ever were any.

So to get things back on track I started to update the blog regularly again with stuff related to the miniature painting world here’s a sum up of what’s been happening so far:


 – Posted a link to a good friend’s blog. He’s also restarting his hobby activities and we thought it would be a nice idea to start anew, he droped his old blog (which can still be seen here) and created a new one called “Chumbo, Plastico, Tinta e Pincel” which would translate into “Lead, Plastic, Paint and Brush” in English (hey that sounds terrific!). Be sure to step by and check what he’s up to.

 – Posted links to two other blogs of Brazilian painters, something I should have done ages ago but somehow it slipped my mind (must have something to do with being a parent nowadays).

The first of them is “PELE VERDE, PRESAS e ANIMOSIDADE” (that would be “GREEN SKIN, FANGS and ANIMOSITY in English folks!) and as the name implies it’s a blog devoted to the funniest race of them all in the warhammer fantasy battles game: DA ORCS! The author is quite an accomplished painter and has showcased there all his Orc army along with some adversaries also painted by him.

The second link posted will direct you to another good friend’s blog. “Diario de um Roleplayer” (“Roleplayer’s Journal”) is a well written blog full of stuff pertinent to the “Nerd” universe, namely games in general, comics, books, movies and MINIATURES. Unfortunately it’s been written in Portuguese so far, but if you feel interested drop Silvio a line and he might be inclined to write in English as well.

 – Added a small rant about my Tau army and a game me and a friend played over the weekend.

 – Wrote a review about the “Miniature Painting CD” by Rune “Kaple” Kappel from http://www.kaple.dk/v2/ (English version to come soon).


So basically that’s what been going on here so far… lined up for posting here are the English version of the review I wrote about the afore mentioned “Miniature Painting CD”, another review about a similar product and hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have some new models to showcase here… or not.

Hope to see ya around here soon and please comment and be acknowledged (how am I supposed to know if these English texts are being read?)



  1. marcos says:

    Well done Paiting brother…I will try to leave both languages in my space as well!!

  2. Pablo says:

    Parabens pelo site Gereth !!! Tem muita coisa legal !!!
    Obrigado pelo link e referência, vindo de você é uma honra.
    Vamos colocar este hobby pra frente, mesmo que muitos estão desistindo ou mudando de lado jogo, vamos fazer igual ao Betinho "Vamos fazer a nossa parte".
    Grande Abraço,

  3. Eduardo says:

    What`s fuck is that ???  heheheh  po Gereth ta escrevendo em eingrish agora ??? , mas tá maneiro !!!!!  parabéns cara !!!, só falta tu pintar uns de de fantasy agora !  Gereth vi seu comentário na blog , o pastel eu raspo com canivete ate ficar um pozinho fino , depois uso um cotonete e esfrego na mini !!!, é por ai !!!Grande abraço cara !!!

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