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Hello there!


As I said I would, this is my written account on how hectic the month of April was (paintingwise). If you’re one of the few English speaking readers of mine, and has been following this blog for a while, you probably know I was toying with an Ultramarine army for thE Painting Challenge issued here and on the “Chumbo; Plástico; Tinta & Pincel” blog a while ago. I was supposed to paint that army over the course of an year, the agreed time in the Painting Challenge, but things didn’t turn out that way as you guys already know.

THE FORK OF MORK tournament idea came out of a conversation between me and two very good friends who actually live in São Paulo. I wanted to visit them and not to miss the trip (we live very far away from each other) wanted to get some quality gaming time while I was there, thus the tournament came to life, but then I was assailed by doubt: Which army should I take?

As the photo galleries on this blog appropriately show I am an avid collector of GW’s armies and models, thus I was spoiled for choices, but, having this huge predilection for playing games with painted armies narrowed my options to one, my trusted Salamander army.

I’m still proud of my Salamander army. It’s by far my best achievement in painting an army so far, but I felt it was a bit “burned out” because of the amount of prizes it managed to win on the 2005 winter tournament (Best painted army; Best painted army in tle player’s choice and Best individual miniature prizes) and so I wanted to take something new.

Not wanting to turn down on an opportunity I decided to give painting my Ultramarines a go. If everything failed I’d still be able to take my Salamanders and would have painted a good amount of models for the painting challenge in the process.

It seemed a daunting proposition back then, painting 1500 points in a month, 500 points more then what I’d set out to paint in a year. I was unsure on what to add to the army to increase the amount of points for the tournament. At first I tought adding more troops an assault squad and c couple of tanks would be the best way to go but that choice would greatly hinder my chances of succeeding in painting the army in a month as it would add to many models to the list. My choice was to add a few “spicy” models which would give me the chance to try different stuff “paintinwise” (and also the opportunity to show off a bit) and that would also help me with a theme I already had in mind; Thus the models of Vindicator tank; a chaplain in terminator armor; a librarian in terminator armor and Marneus Calgar himself were added to the list.

I envisioned the army as a small beaten up detachment of the 3rd company, which had been sent to quell a growing WAAAGH (which in turn had been spurred by the appearance of a mythic Ork artifact – THE FORK OF MORK) but having suffered too many losses calls back for reinforcements getting those in the form of the Lord Macragge himself and his attending retinue.

Having decided the models I’d use and the theme of the army the rest of the month was spent on a maddening spiral of painting and converting.

All Space Marines in the army have been converted to showcase the real size of a Space Marine, some in more obvious ways like the power armored ones, others in more subtle ways like the terminators. Apart from that they all sport some kind of small tweak and also the tanks (thank’s Dan!) who were scratch built and then had some plastic parts added.

Painting followed a simple formula to all models: After the black primer dried for a day I used an airbrush to apply a basecoat of Ultramarine Blue to all the models. That was followed by a wash of blue ink over which three coats of highlights were applied. The first one pure Ultramarine blue and the second ad third ones were a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Skull White. On top of everything another wash of blue ink was applied to tone the highlights down.

Banners and Ultramarine symbols, as well as squad markings, were all freehanded.

I’m proud of the final result I managed to achieve on such a short time, and really happy that this army managed to win the “Best Painted Army” (“Da Gud Mob”) and the “Best Individual Miniature” (“Big Mek”) prizes. I’d like to thank all the people who were a part of the effort of painting this army up in time, in special to my dear wife, who never let me give up, and to Danilo, who, even tough we’ve never met in person, has become a good friend and is always ready to lend me a hand in my projects no matter how crazy they might be! Thank you all!

To wrap this up here is a picture from the complete army taken at the tournament, the close up shots of each unit will be added soon:



See you soon!