Brother Captain Valius of the Ultramarine’s 3rd company!

Posted: 02/06/2007 in Pintura

Brother Captain Valius is one of the Ultramarines’ greatest heroes having fought teh chapter’s battles for over 4 centuries.

Hailing from the world of Ultramar, Valius was, like many others, selected at an early age to become of the emperor’s finest. An Ultramarine.

He trained alongside many other Ultramarine heroes at the Aegiselum barracks, the likes of former Captain Uriel Ventris and Captain Galenus of the fifth company.

From the very first training exercises Valius performed in it was clear for his training officers that was going to be a future captain, so great was his competence and care at guiding his fellow brothers and the respect he received from them.

His time as a scout was a short one, being appointed to the 3rd company shortly after the actions of the Ultramarines in the Hrule uprising in 600.M41 A.D. When the young Valius single handedly slew a platoon of Blood Pact renegades.

As a marine in the 3rd company Valius proved to be a reliable soldier being appointed sergeant after a mere 50 years.

He continued proving his valor over the next years and was instrumental for the victory of the Ultramarines against Hive fleet Behemoth in 745.M41 A.D. when after the untimely death of the former Captain Ardias he was appointed captain of the 3rd Company.

In the opening stages of the conflict which would later be know as the Battle for Macragge Valius and two other sergeants had been assigned to take their squads on a probing mission to verify the presence of Tyranid organisms on a planetoid on the outskirts of the Ultramar sector. Valius was appointed as commander of the mission as Capatain Ardias would lead the remnant of the available 3rd company forces to the front. On that mission Valius surprised a small tendril of Hive Fleet Behemoth which had been drawn to LX-707 by genestealer cult which had infiltrated the local colonists population.

The small contingent was left on LX-707 to guard the sector and Valius returned to fight on the Macragge front at the request of Ardias. Valius arrived in the middle of a virulent battle between the 3rd company and several broods of genestealers which had attacked the command outpost the marines had established. It was on this pivotal battle that captain Ardias was slain cut in half by a monstrous Carnifex. Valius once more shown his bravery by investing against the Carnifex hitting it squarely on the face with discharges from his plasma pistol until the weapon overheated and exploded in Valius’s hands. Despite the brave marine’s actions the Carnifex, it would later be named “Scarface” by the PDF forces fighting alongside the Ultramarines after the inumerous sightings of the beast, retreated at the urge of the hive mind as it noticed the battle on the command post had been lost.

The Lord Macragge himself, Marneus Calgar, would later that day inspect what was left of the command outpost and upon hearing about he former captain Ardia’s death would appoint Valius as the successor Captain of the 3rd company.

In the following months Valius would lead his company from the frontlines fighting the vile xenos with renewed vigor and hatred. Not even the grievous wounds suffered when the young captain downed one of the Hive Tyrants on the “battle for icy gorge”, as it was later named, stopped the brave captain. On the very next day the captain would be on the frontlines again, half his skull replaced by bio-mechanic augmetics where he had been hit by a splash of the tyrants bio acid.

On the closing stages of the Battle, upon hearing of the situation of the beleaguered warriors of the 1st company Valius was the first to arrive at the southern polar fortress after it had been finally overrun when a counter-attack to recover a captured bastion failed. The 3rd Company found Brother-Captain Invictus and the last battle-brothers of the 1st Company in the heart of the fortress, lying dead where they made their last stand, back to back. Eager to take revenge on the Tyranids for his fallen brothers Valius led his 3rd company in a search around the ravaged fortress finding the retreating Tyranids and amongst them the scarfaced carnifex. The 3rd company threw itself into battle with abandon cleaving their way into the heart of the enemy force, Valius moded with purposeful resolution towards the foul alien beast which had slain his former mentor and with no second toughts started exchanging blows with the monstrous creature. Each sweep of the beast’s bladed appendages was parried by the captain’s mighty blade which in turn counterattacked cleaving parts of the beast away. Enraged and already bleeding acid form a dozen cuts the carnifex reared up preparing a powerful blow of its claws, as the huge bladed talon came down Valius sidesteppedbringing his blade in an upward arc severing the monster’s head off. Turning his attention from the slain carnifex Valius could see his marines had already dispathed most of the retreating tyranids and were now facing off the last pockets of resistance. It was a bitter tasted victory tought the young captain Valius… one from which the Ultramarines would take centuries to recover.




A estória acima é um rápido background construído pro capitão Valius da 3ª Companhia dos Ultramarines. Decidi converter uma peça única para ser o comandante do destacamento de Ultramarines que eu iria levar para o Fork of Mork em São Paulo.

Além disso inscrevi essa miniatura no concurso de pintura promovido pelo site Underthecouch (as miniaturas competidoras assim como o vencedor podem ser conferidos aqui).

Vou inscreve-lo agora no concurso "M.C.M.T.M.Q.O.P.P.A" promovido pelo Lustosa no fórum Warhammer Brasil.


Os stats do Capitão Valius são os seguintes:


HQ: Captain (1#, 170 Pts) (WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W2 I5 A3 Ld9 Sv3+)

   1 Captain @ 170 Pts

      Plasma Pistol (x1); Power Weapon (x1)

      1 Adamantine Mantle @ [35] Pts

      1 Artificer Armor @ [20] Pts

      1 Bionics @ [5] Pts

      1 Purity Seals @ [5] Pts

      1 Terminator Honors @ [15] Pts


Caso você esteja curioso a pintura do capitão seguiu a mesma receita usada no restante do army Ultramarine já explicada aqui no blog. O sangue do Carnifex abatido pelo capitão foi feito com water effects da GW com um pouquinho de “Camo Green”.


Fotos do capitão em seu momento de vitória contra o Carnifex “Scarface”:






Em breve o restante do army por aqui.



Hello there!


The short story which begins todays update is the background I envisioned for the captain I came up with to lead my 3rd company on the Fork of MOrk tournament I attended recently.

I entered the model on the competition ran by Insaniak on the Underthecouch website (entrants and winner can be seen here). I’m now entering it on the "M.C.M.T.M.Q.O.P.P.A" competition being run by a fellow hobbyist over at the Warhammer Brasil forum.

In case you’re wondering the model was painted along the lines of the rest of the army (detailed here)and the blood dripping from the Fex’s wounds were made with GW’s water effecs and a tiny bit of “Camo Green”.

I’ll add the rest of the Ultramarines here as soon as I snap some photos of them.

See you soon.

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