Posted: 04/06/2007 in Papo Furado

Salve pessoal!


Putz! Conferindo hoje as estatísticas aqui do blog percebi que ultrapassamos a barreira dos 5000 acessos (5204 pra ser preciso enquanto escrevo isto)! Jamais imaginei que isso aqui seria tão visitado! Então desde já meu muito obrigado aos visitantes fiéis que ajudaram o “The Painting Frog” a alcançar essa marca.

Até breve e uma vez mais muito obrigado!


Hello there!


I was in awe today as checking the blog’s statistics I realized we had reached over 5000 accesses (we have 5204 as I write this to be precise). Back when I started the blog to showcase my paintjobs for the gaming community down here in Brazil I never expected it would be this visited. So this is my hearty thank you for checking this place and please do come back as there’s a lot more to come soon! Cheers and thanks once more!


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