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“Inside the dimly lit chamber servitors buzzed around going about their menial tasks. None turned to see the noble warrior entering the room where some of the most revered heroes of the Ultramarines slumbered. Valius moved purposefully towards a Space Marine clad in crimson armor. “Techmarine Peius” called the captain “the chapter needs brother Hexlor once more. This time we wage war against the damned greenskin”. “Aye sir” was the reply from the techmarine as he turned to look upon the captain of the third company. Valius watched as Peius started at once the intricate process of waking brother Hexlor. More machine than man the marine in red used his mechanical appendages as dexterously as Valius used his arms pressing buttons, turning handles and disarming the grapples which held the sarcophagus in place all this while he hummed his prayers and intoned hymnals to the machine god. “This may take a while captain” said the techmarine talking absently minded to the captain, half lost in his own thoughts. “Sometimes the mind loses itself into the machine and it might take a few hours to awaken the fury within him, to rekindle his warrior spirit. It’s been a while since he last saw battle”. “Yes brother and It’s going to be even longer until he finds eternal rest” came the captain’s reply. “See to it that his weapons and dreadnought body are ready when he awakens” said Valius as he turned to leave “If I know him well you’ll find his fury and warrior spirit remain the same when he awakens”.


“Even inside his metal sarcophagus he could feel the drop-pod rattling, struggling against the planet’s atmosphere, screaming down from the skies like a huge ball of fire. And he liked it. Even after the centuries entombed inside a dreadnought’s sarcophagus it still brought him a rush of adrenalin as he anticipated the battle to come. Lord Calgar himself had issued the orders. They would be ambushing a small force of the vile xenos knows as the eldar. He had been waiting eagerly to join in the fray when the command came. He would be deployed behind enemy lines to weed out the alien who occupied positions in the jungle from which they were peppering his brother marines with splinter and lance fire. The roar of the thrusters destined to break the velocity as the drop pod neared the ground signaled combat was near. With a huge “CLANG” the drop pod impacted on the ground. As it touched down the doors blew open out came the might form of Brother Hexlor with all guns blazing towards its assigned target. The Eldar were taken by surprise and couldn’t stage a reaction as the assault cannon and flamer discharges mercilessly cut and burnt them apart. Limbs were torn apart as the assault cannon fire swept the positions occupied by the Eldar. The remaining Eldar Guardians, the ones who still had their legs in place, ran in disarray from the dreadnought as Hexlor started scanning for new targets. The war walkers had barely registered in his sensors when they emerged from a patch of woods. As they approached his hydraulics were slow to respond and for the first time in centuries Hexlor was unable to bring his assault cannon to bear. The Eldar wasted no time and started blasting chunks of his armor away. Huge pieces of adamantine alloy were torn away as the eldritch ammunition impacted on his armored form. One of the projectiles impacted onto the exposed ammo box which held the ammunition for his assault cannon igniting the rounds stored inside. The ensuing explosion rendered his weapon useless and the shrapnel lodged into his leg pistons. Thus unable to move brother Hexlor was unceremoniously torn apart by the Eldar war walkers his screams of anger were heard by his marine brothers over the vox-net”.


“What’s his state?” inquired the supreme commander of the Ultramarines force as he inspected the mangled remains of the dreadnought. “He’s still alive sir… barely” came Brother Peius somber reply. “Good tend his remains and see that he is fit to fight another day. Duty never dies” said Calgar as he moved on amongst the wounded and dying


Salve Pessoal!


Depois de um tempinho volto a atualizar aqui o blog. Desta feita trago para vocês o “Brother Dreadnought Hexlor” que faz parte do army Ultramarine.

Esse dread tem uma história atribulada o que me deixou satisfeito com o resultado final.

Particularmente eu não curto comprar miniaturas de segunda mão se elas já estão montadas e no primer, pois tive diversas experiências ruins com modelos assim no passado. Excesso de cola e tinta em demasia obscurecendo detalhes são dois problemas um tanto “incontornáveis” no que tange à miniaturas especialmente no caso das miniaturas de plástico.

Pois bem. Esse dreadnought foi comprado de segunda mão e estava justamente com MUITA cola. A cola plástica é perfeita para modelos de plástico pois ela derrete a área de contato entre as partes unindo o plástico definitivamente, daí a importância de se usar pouca cola já que se ela escorre pode derreter partes da mini ou estragar detalhes. Justamente o ocorrido.

Comprei o dreadnought meio no escuro, sem ver a peça e quando ela chegou foi bastante triste a surpresa. Ele tinha partes onde a cola havia escorrido e corroído o plástico, estava colado em uma posição bastante esquisita (como se olhasse para cima) e com diversos bitz colados em lugares errados.

Ainda assim decidi usar o kit já que se fosse esperar outro para adicionar no army talvez não tivesse tempo para terminar tudo no apertado cronograma que me propus.

Como a idéia geral do army era um grupo de soldados já bastante exauridos e “battle weary” me ocorreu fazer um dreadnought já bastante danificado pelo fogo inimigo o que casaria com o background do army e me ajudaria a disfarçar as imperfeições da miniatura.

O resultado final pode ser conferido nas fotos a seguir:






Até a próxima.



Hello there!


It’s been while since the last update but fear not, there’s a lot more to come even if there are a few days (or weeks) between updates. As you can see today’s update is about the “Dreadnought Hexlor” which is part of the Ultramarine army.

Dreadnoughts die. That’s a give fact in any of my games. In fact I don’t recall any of my dreadnoughts ever surviving a game. Ever. The only reason I keep including them in the marine armies I field is that I find them one of the coolest models there is.

I knew for a fact then that I would include a dreadnought on the Ultramarine army but to my dismay the model I bought for that purpose was a piece of crap. You see the model had been assembled with too much glue on it, which promptly spilled ad melted some detail away. It was also glued in a weird position for a dreadnought as if it was aiming upwards (try that with a bulky frame like the dread’s).

Problem was I didn’t have much time to order another model, so the damaged one had to do. I added the heavy battle damage as an experience on itself and as a way of disguising the damage done to the model by its previous owner. You can judge the final result by the pictures. See you soon.