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Brother Librarian Tiberias!

Posted: 21/06/2007 in Pintura

“The huge armored form walked towards the hillcrest. Using a long ornate staff he seemed weary as if the carnage and bloodshed had finally taken its toll on the centuries old warrior. Around him the reinforcements brought down by the Thunderhawk gunship mopped up the last few remnants of the now scattered Eldar strike force. From the hill top he could see the burnt soil where Marneus and his retinue of warriors, himself included, had wiped the eldtrich commander and the accompanying warriors on jetbikes from existence. Flames could still be seen burning among the wreckage as he unclasped the psychic hood attached to his terminator armor.

As a cannon round impacted on the central structure of the battlefield on the distance, certainly trying to weed out the elder hiding within, he crouched down and scooped up a bit of earth from the ground, grinding it on his closed palm as he stood back up leaning heavily on his staff. He saw one of the so called banshees, an exarch as they called their leading officers, decapitate three marine brothers with one single sweep of her gracious blades as she somersaulted in the air, just to be torn apart by bolter fire as she landed on he feet. He had seen a thousand battles before and he’d see a thousand more before his end, but he felt something different about this one. Something… out of place, as if someone peered over his shoulders or hid on the very brinks of reality watching as the two forces butchered themselves. He outstretched his palm and blew the earth, now ground into fine dust. Some of the particles defied the laws of gravity and hung mid air shaping into the form of an eight pointed star. “Lord Calgar…” he said over the closed communication channel he shared with the chapter master “… we’be been tricked. The true enemy lies ahead and once more we face the traitors of mankind” informed the grim faced Tiberias as he walked down clasping his psychic hood back in place. There was still more war to wage before the day was over”.


Salve pessoal!


Mais um marine, desta feita ninguém menos que Brother Librarian Tiberias! Logo que essa miniatura saiu, por ocasião do lançamento do novo codex Dark Angels, eu sabia que ela seria uma excelente adição ao army. De alguma maneira algo nela evoca bem o “espírito” de um librarian, possivelmente a mão aberta e o braço esticado como se ele estivesse fazendo uso de algum poder psíquico. A miniatura anterior de librarian em terminator armor (que pode ser conferida aqui convertida e pintada pelo “Ultra”Marcos do CPT&P) era um tanto estática pro meu gosto e esse novo lançamento foi sem dúvida uma das melhores miniaturas de Space Marines dos últimos tempos.


Assim, bastante empolgado com a peça me atirei com afinco na execução da pintura da mesma para o FoM, o que acabou rendendo resultados posto que a mesma foi laureada com o prêmio de melhor miniatura individual do torneio.


Sem mais delongas as fotos do cara:












Até a próxima.


Hello there!


Today’s update brings you the photos of Brother Librarian Tiberias which was part of the army I took to the FoM tournament back in may.


This model completely blew me away back when it was released a while ago alongside all the new Dark Angel models. I knew almost instantly I had to have one in the army.


My efforts on painting it were rewarded when it won the best painted model award on the FoM!


Let me know what you think of it and do come back for more.