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Chaplain Lemuldus!

Posted: 25/06/2007 in Pintura

“He felt the scent on the air long before the pawns of the enemy descended from the skies. He didn’t need his enhanced senses to detect a putrid, acrid smell around them: The smell of Chaos. Screaming down came the Raptors pouring fire over the Ultramarines and the Vindicator tank nearby. With a roar of shear rage he advanced towards them thrashing madly against the foul warriors with his lightning claws. It was a matter of seconds before they laid dead on his feet, black ichors dripping from his terminator armor. He turned to face the oncoming demons spurring his battle brothers into a frenzy with his litanies of hate. It seemed battle never ceased”




Devagar vamos chegando ao fim das miniaturas do army Ultramarine o que me faz pensar que devo voltar a pintar logo se tenciono que vocês continuem a visitar este espaço. Desta feita trago a vocês o Capelão Lemuldus.


Essa foi sem dúvida a miniatura que mais causou estragos aos exércitos inimigos. Dono de uma carga devastadora muito pouco sobreviveu a seus ataques. Se tivesse que escolher a “miniature of the tournament” definitivamente ela seria este cara!


Digno de nota é o fato de que os braços da miniatura são presos por imãs permitindo assim que eu use-a com o par de lightning claws ou com o crozius arcanum e storm bolter (ou ainda uma combinação destes).


Com vocês o Lemuldus:







Até a próxima!



Hello there!


One of the last models left to showcase here I bring you today Chaplain Lemuldus.


I said above that if I had to chose a “miniature of the tournament” it would definitely have to be this guy. He packed a hell of a charge often decimating all enemies before the other terminators even had a chance to strike.


The one interesting thing about it is that its arms are held in place by magnets allowing me to use the depicted pair of lightning claws or the crozius Arcanum and storm bolter arms supplied with it.


Hope you like the model. See you soon.