Hello there.

I firmly believe that one of the great things a wargamer can do towards his own enjoyment of the hobby is to attend a tournament. There is nothing like meeting, sharing experiences and gaming against other like minded people. First because it’s always nice you’re not alone in the wide world and that your hobby isn’t some sort of mania and second because the competitive environment can do wonders in order to instill us with the needed gas to finish overdue projects and to perform better in the various aspects of the hobby.

That’s why I put extra effort into attending tournaments whenever I can. Unfortunately, for reasons not worth mentioning, I was unable to attend othe latest of these events we’ve had this year but at least I get to share information about it with you readers out there (and share some nice pictures as well).

Back in 2007 I was one amongst a group of friends who felt the need to get together and get some games against each other. What might be simple to so many gamers out there was complicated to us as we’re spread all over the huge country which is Brazil. So out of this need we came up with the Fork of Mork tournament which now gets to its 3rd edition.

The event was held once more in São Paulo over the 19th and 20th of November 2011 (in case you’re reading this in the far future!). Once more the tournament was lauded as a great success by participants and community alike. It featured five beautiful gaming tables for the tournament matches as well as extra tables for pick up games and a painting area as well thus seeing to needs of every hobbyist which showed up to check it out over the course of the two days.


There were 10 participants fighting each other for the title of “Best General” over the course of five rounds. Once again the competition was steep and the Dark Eldar army captained by Archon Otavio “Tavitin” won the first place (with a vanilla Space Marine army placing 2nd and a Chaos Space Marine in 3rd). This is the same army which won the individual tournament held by the “Tropas Polares” club I attended back in June. Prizes were also awarded for “Best Painted Army” (1st, 2nd and 3rd places), “Overall Champion” and “Most Sportive Player” (single prizes).


One thing which has come to my attention is that in this edition of the Fork of Mork is that most, if not all, the armies presented there by the participants were painted which in my opinion greatly contributed to the success (as it’s always nicer to fight against painted armies).


Overall it had been a great event and I look forward to attending it’s fourth edition sometime soon. If you feel inclined to check more photos from the event check the excellent coverage done by a friend: Da Fork of Mork III.

AH! Do yourself a favor and enroll for a tournament soon! I believe you’ll come to agree with my preamble on today’s post. If you have already done so don’t be shy and share your thoughts.

Over and out.


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