Hello Reader.


Well, I’ve been meaning to publish this post for a while now but using video as a new media is something new to me and working out the kinks until I was satisfied with the final product did take me a while. Having a computer crash in the meantime didn’t help a bit as well.


But all that is now in the past and I’m extremely happy to publish today “The Painting Frog” blog’s first original content video. As a part of the ongoing experience of learning a new gaming system and chronicling my steps along the way I decided to record a video sharing the experience of opening my first Infinity miniature boxes (a Yu Jing starter box and a PanOceania Military Order starter box).


The video has been recorded in Portuguese but English subtitles are provided for your convenience. Bear in mind I’m no pro when it comes to the miniature wargaming world and by that I mean I have no miniature related company, and make no money out of this hobby. I’m and average hobbyist pretty much like you or the guy from you FLGS simply sharing my thoughts with you Reader and that’s just what they are, my thoughts and ideas (and they’re in no way final or set in stone… I’m prone to changes I guess).


So here’s the video:



And here are the pictures of the assembled models (you can click the pictures for larger views):


Cutter “on/off” button (don’t forget to turn yours to “on” or it won’t work).

Assembled Yu Jing.


Assembled PanOceania Military Order.


Assembled Cutter.


Comparison shot 01.


Comparison shot 02.


Comparison shot 03.


And I guess that’s it for today. Don’t hesitate dropping me a line and letting me know what you think about them Infinity miniatures, or the video itself (and if you’d like to see more video content around here), and if you like it enough don’t forget to like the video on Youtube and subscribe to our channel.


Over and out.




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