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Hello Reader.

If you live abroad you probably know a couple of clubs devoted to gaming right? From what I understand in some foreign countries the associative spirit is encouraged from an early age, starting in schools which promote many “interest clubs” ranging from book clubs, debate clubs and math teams to varied hobby clubs and gaming clubs.

It’s no secret that clubs have a great social aspect not only promoting the interaction between members, and the opportunity to exercise their common interest, but also being a reassuring factor to members showing that no matter how “weird” your hobby/personal interest may be, there’s others out there who share your passion, even if it’s sock sniffing (ok, there might not be clubs around for THAT!).

Well, for some reason I can’t fathom clubs are not that common in Brazil. We do have tennis clubs pretty much everywhere (go figure right? Every small town I’ve lived in for the last 8 years had one) with their inevitable tennis courts and swimming pools, and we do have some schools which encourage its students to form student councils but the hobby clubs are almost non-existent in schools.

So it should come as no surprise to you that gaming clubs are a recent innovation in the hobby scenario in Brazil but fortunately more and more wargamers around the country are feeling the need to associate and clubs are appearing all over the country. We went from a single club scenario, the now extinct “Martelo de Guerra” (“Warhammer” in English) in Rio de Janeiro, to a multi-club one in the space of a few years.



Hello there Reader.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now you probably know I’m a fan of thematic armies and scratch build models. The reason couldn’t be simpler as I’m a firm believer these bring variety and flavor to Warhammer 40.000 games.

Luckily there’s no shortage of good scratch builders down here in Brazil. Quite on the contrary, the adverse conditions we face in order to enjoy the wargamming hobby (like the infamous GW Embargo) propels a lot of us to try our hand at scratch building our scenery and models.

I often mention Antonio “AJ” Jorge as one of the masters of scratch building in Brazil, not only because his scratch vehicles are one of the reasons I started trying to collect an Ork army, but also because I’ve had the privilege of painting a few of his pieces (which were posted on the blog a while ago here and here). We certainly have other masters like Socrates “Ken” Kentaro,  Geraldo “ the Orc Grandpa”, and Arthur “Arhurt” Bobany but now I have to add a new name to my list.



Hello Reader.


I do tend to disappear from here occasionally but rest assured I don’t do that voluntarily, however I do feel I owe my Readers some sort of satisfaction so here I am to let you guys know why I haven’t posted anything on the blog for a while.


As I’ve already mentioned here I have moved houses, in fact I moved from the city where I used to live (zoom out to have an idea) to a completely new city 700 kilometers (that’s 434 miles) in the opposite direction. I’ve moved a lot over the years and that has taught me a couple of things when it comes to moving my miniatures around but that takes some time as you have to pack stuff with extra care. Most of my hobby stuff is still packed as there’s a chance we might move again by the end of the year.


I do have some stuff I’m working on, mainly new stuff I’m working on reviews to share with you guys, but to add insult to injury my internet connection wasn’t re-established until a month or so ago. The people from the internet provider kept saying they had no available ports for us untill, quite miraculously, one popped out of the blue.


But the real big blow to my posting mojo came a month ago when I lost my grandmother. Even though the death of an elderly relative is something we expect and come to accept, the death of my grandmother was kind of unexpected given that the was a very strong and full of life woman. I lost not only the most present grandparent I had while growing up but also the person who was a big responsible for me allowing me to get into the RPG and wargaming hobbies (as she was the person who bought me my first RPG books). She was also, unsurprisingly, the only relative who never passed judgment on me for “being an adult playing with small toys”.


So, given all that, I hope you Readers can understand why this blog hasn’t received its due attention, but I assure you we’ll resume activities soon.


Over and out.




Salve Leitor.


Parece que eu tenho esse mau hábito de dar uma sumida de vez em quando não? Frequentemente eu acabo culpando minha musa inspiradora (que teima em me abandonar) mas, infelizmente, esse não foi o caso desta vez.


Desta feita fatores alheios à minha vontade conspiraram para desviar minha atenção e roubar um tanto do tempo que dedico ao blog e ao hobby.


Como já havia comentado por aqui eu me mudei, não só de casa, mas de cidade. 700 km depois estamos instalados na nova cidade, mas a maior parte das minhas miniaturas continua encaixotada diante da possibilidade de nos mudarmos novamente no final do ano. Também acabei ficando um bom tempo sem acesso à internet já que a provedora, unilateralmente e sem dar qualquer satisfação, cancelou minha assinatura dizendo que não havia portas disponíveis na nova localidade, mas até ai tudo isso são noticias velhas pra quem tem acompanhado o blog.


Depois do imbróglio com a internet veio o golpe definitivo: Um mês atrás perdi a minha avó. Acho que para a maioria a morte de um parente idoso seja algo tangível, uma verdade ignorada por assim dizer, mas no caso da minha avó posso afirmar que mesmo com 79 anos, sua morte foi, pra dizer pouco, inesperada. Nessa não perdi só a avó mais próxima com quem passei boa parte da infância e da adolescência, mas também aquela que me ajudou a embarcar nos hobbies do RPG e dos wargames (ao me presentear com meus primeiros livros de RPG trazidos de uma viagem à São Paulo, não sem antes reclamar do quão difícil foi encontrar a tal loja de RPG – A Devir) e uma das únicas pessoal que nunca me julgou por “gostar de bonequinhos” depois de adulto. Pra mim uma perda irreparável


Acho que não preciso dizer que a vontade de escrever, ou mesmo produzir alguma coisa nessas circunstâncias foi pra cucuia. Ainda assim senti a necessidade de dar a vocês leitores do blog ao menos uma satisfação de porque as coisas andavam paradas por aqui.


Segue a programação normal.