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Hello Reader.


As you’ve probably noticed we had quite a few posts over the month of October from the “A Tale of X Gamers” project. As I explained on my introductory post about it, this was an old idea that I’m happy to see becoming reality thanks to the willingness of the participants to whom I’m deeply thankful.


One of the nice things of this project is that I also became a reader of the blog, with the privilege of being able to read the texts before anyone else, but a reader nonetheless. So yesterday as I finished editing one of the last texts which will be published this month I caught myself wanting to see what’s coming next from the participants, like how they’ll develop their army lists, whether or not they’ll include my favorite units from their Codexes and so on and so forth. I can say I’m definitely hooked by now and that I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.


Another nice thing about the project is that, with the exception of article deadlines, budget and number of points we’ll need to collect for our armies, nothing else was arranged between the participants and still the pool of participants and armies couldn’t be more eclectic, illustrating how varied our approached to the hobby can be and that even when utilizing the same Codex to build an army the end results can be very different (like the armies being built by Caio and Montagna with the Grey Knights Codex for instance).




Hello everyone.


Most from Brazil will know me from the Warhammer Brasil forum as Sirron, but people normally call me Caio.


I’m 27 years old and I’m a geological engineer living in the city of Contagem, Minas Gerais, in Brazil. I got into the hobby around 2004 when I watched one of those curiosities television shows showcasing Warhammer, but I didn’t make a coection until a few months ago as I watched another tv show, this time on computer games, showcasing a strategy game with impressive graphics which hooked me on the spot. You can probably tell that was “Dawn of War” and it didn’t take me many google searches to find out the miniature game behind it.


I soon began searching an found the Warhammer Brasil forum finding out there were 40K players in Minas Gerais! At first the biggest obstacle was the financial one and also finding a way to buy the miniatures, but that’s an altogether different story.




Hi Folks,


I’m “Ultra”Marcos from CPTeP, and despite the fact that I always consider myself a newbie on the hobby, I’ve been into Miniature/Tabletop games since the year 2000.


I first learnt about Warhammer in Stuttgart/Germany where I was living back then. When I moved back to Brazil, I joined the Warhammer Brasil Forum and met a bunch of people with similar interests. Since then, the hobby has been growing in my life. I am committing more and more personal time into it, to the point that I do something hobby related almost every day, if not every single day, be it painting, assembling, collecting, reading etc.


Due to my job, I moved to two other different countries already (Switzerland and US) and due to that I had a chance to play 40K in at least 8 different countries (that I can recollect). I’ve also been to Warhammer World, Games Day UK and Adepticon that are significant places/events for the Hobby.




Hey guys!


First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Cristiano and I live in Poços de Caldas in the south of the Minas Gerais state in Brazil, a.k.a “Normal“ for a good while now. I’m 34, just married, and began in the hobby of miniature painting around the 1990’s, painting military kits (poorly) and as soon as I began playing RPGs I had my first contact with a few lead miniatures and painted many of them. After then, I had a break from painting for quite a few years due to college, unemployment working, real life in the end. In 2008 I first met Warhammer 40000 in the last edition of the EIRPG at the Games Workshop stand. I sat in a painting table around there and the old love for assembling and painting miniatures came back with full power.


After then it is history. I began with two small Space Marine and Tyranid armies (which never saw the sunlight by the way) but stayed with the Orks. Since then I’ve been practicing regularly my painting skills and I’m always learning something new. This already gave me some mentions and a few real prizes in painting competitions, bothe online and real ones, with my last achievement being the Best Painted Army prize in the Fork of Mork III tournament, in November 2011, which also granted me the Overall Champion title.


And once again I face the challenge of painting a whole army with a time limit, stimulated by the new edition of Warhammer 40k.




Hello Reader.


Quick break today from the series of “A Tale of X Gamers” posts to let you know I’ve added a new feature to the blog.


I’ve been meaning to add a Blogroll to the blog for a while now but couldn’t seem to find how to implement that on the WordPress platform. Well, I still haven’t managed to do that properly but, for the time being, I’ve added a list of other Brazilian hobby related blogs I regularly visit and hope that interests you as well (even if you don’t speak portuguese they’re well worth the visit for miniature photos, as miniature photos are ALWAYS nice to see – and there’s always Google to help).


Here’s the list (you can also find them linked in the column on the left):



I’ll probably have a second list of blogs implemented soon with the other blogs out there I follow and I’ll also look into implementing a proper Blogroll here soon.


If you happen to have a hobby related blog don’t hesitate to comment with the link to it so I can check it out and possibly add it to my reading list.


Over and out.




Salve Leitor.


Dando um tempo na sequência de artigos do “Um conto de X Jogadores” tenho hoje uma rápida atualização com uma novidade aqui no blog.


Já há algum tempo tenho tentado fazer um “Blogroll” aqui no The Painting Frog indexando outros blogs nacionais sobre wargames e pintura de miniaturas e hoje finalmente consegui adicioná-lo por aqui. Ainda não está no formato que eu queria, mas serve enquanto estudo as opções para implementá-lo como originalmente queria.


Pra começar listei os blogs que eu mesmo costumo visitar e que ficam aqui na minha pasta de favoritos. São eles:



Se você possuiu um blog sobre wargames, ou sobre a pintura de miniaturas, e queria vê-lo adicionado por aqui não hesite em deixar um comentário com o endereço do seu blog para que eu possa adicioná-lo.


Até breve.


How’s everything folks? Montagna writing here and as this is my first post I believe some sort of introduction is in order. My name is Leonardo Colombo, but my friends call me Montagna. I work as a bank employee and I’m a natural born gamer. I’m a complete addict to games be they electronic ones, board ones, strategy or role playing ones. I came across the fantastic world of little plastic figures back in 2009 and on the very same year began collecting Space Marines and got completely hooked by Warhammer 40K.


Since then I have invested time and money into the hobby, but being honest, I’m a frustrated and ineffective artist so most of my miniatures are assembled and primed at most.


I admit being more interested in the game itself and its history, or as we call it: The fluff.


Having said that, I now officially begin my participation on the “A Tale of X Gamers” here on the “The Painting Frog” blog with my first article and its considerations.




My name is Eric “Ellendil” Hutter and I’m a comic book reader since 1994, a compulsive Role Player since 2000 and I’m also a RTS game fan. I had my first contact with the hobby at the end of 2010 when a friend came back from Orlando in the USA and brought me as a gift the Black Reach starter set.


Researching the web I soon found the Warhammer Brasil forum and the BoS club and started to join the community. As there was no embargo back then I bought from Maelstrom which supplied all my hobby needs but today I have to make do with the national market of pre-owned miniatures and Ebay.


I spent my first months in the hobby watching countless painting videos and many battle reports until I Got to play my first game on a tournament held by the BoS club. I now play at least once a week, on Wednesdays, at the public space of the DEVIR bookstore in Sao Paulo where the number of players has been growing steadily.


I’m more a collector than a gamer and I’m a fanatic about all Space Marine chapters so today I own more than 15.000 points of them divided between Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Raven Guard, Aurora, Blood Ravens, Red Scorpions, Flesh Tearers, Iron Hands and now an Imperial Fists project.




Hi there Reader.


Some of the most frequent things I get asked these days by my friends are about the painting course with Fernando Ruiz I participated in back in may 2012. People want to know how it was, if I enjoyed it, what was taught on it and a lot more, but, in order not to be unfair as I came back with mixed feelings about it I opted to digest the course a bit before talking about it.


Well, I’ve reflected a lot on it by now and decided to talk about my impressions on the painting course today. Instead of beating around the bush I’ll say what I think about it straight ahead and then I’ll justify my opinions: I found the course incredible, and an unique opportunity for any miniature painting enthusiast, however, I was a quite frustrated by it and had I known more about it before enrolling I might have chosen not to participate on it.


Sounds confusing? Allow me to explain myself.



Hello! My name is Vitor from the Vamos Ver no Pano Verde blog, and I’ve been into the wargaming world since 2007, having begun with Warhammer Fantasy and after a while being converted to 40K. I own a Bretonnian army of around 2500 points and around 2000 points of Eldar, I also own a few other gaming systems like Confrontation, Infinity, Flames of War and Carnevale. I was invited by Gereth to participate on the “A Tale of X Gamers” project where, over the course of a year, we’ll build a Warhammer 40K army for 6th edition.


Something which motivates me to collect are the models. I like gaming but, as far as I’m concerned, the biggest part of the time will be dedicated to assembling and painting the models and in my opinion the biggest attractive of the game is being able to play with all the miniatures painted on a painted table, but, in order to have that anyone interested will have to dedicate a lot of his time to the hobby.


The first thing to decide is which army will be chosen. There are many ways to make that choice, and that’s something extremely personal. I make my choice based on the models a given list has available to it, as I like to paint them. I’ve chosen Tyranids because I want an evil looking army, and I also find the look of the monsters cool. My list won’t be a competitive one as my focus definitely isn’t the game itself.




Hello everyone, I’m 4irw4lk3r from the Brushes n’ Paints blog and I’m participating on this Project from my Painting Frog friend.


I first came across Warhammer 40K back in 2003 and since then haven’t stopped playing it. I started collecting Space Marines, particularly those from the Dark Angels chapter, a lot more because of their looks and fluff over how good they were on the gaming table. Nowadays I started collecting other games, like Infinity (which I play with a Japanese Sectorial list from Yu Jing) and Warhammer Fantasy (with High Elves), and I’m very interested in painting techniques and model making itself.


I chose the Tau because of their background in which an alliance of alien races try to achieve equity among species under the ruling of an empire.


Building a Tau army is a huge challenge, which is another reason I like them, in order to attain synergy between units and the game’s strategy. Beyond that I had always been attracted to the Crisis units as they’re beautifull, have great potential for conversions and … they’re MECHAS.