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Well, I’m the newbie on this group and my name is Marcelo Ferrari.


I’ve always enjoyed gaming in general, specially Role Playing and Board games, but my only prior experience with the Warhammer 40K universe had been the PC strategy game which I still play.


Back then I didn’t even know there were miniatures from this universe or even a complete hobby behind them. It was an interesting discovery, even if a little frightening prospect when I found out about the cost estimates to get into the hobby


When the friend Gereth showed me his well painted miniatures and after watching a game on beautifully made scenery I got really interested in the hobby and decided to purchase the starter box called “Assault on Black Reach”. We were still on the last days of the game’s 5th edition.


In order to make sure I’d adapt to the hobby and taking advice from the more experienced friends I didn’t invest a lot in paints at first. I began by purchasing some basic paints made in Brazil thinking I wouldn’t spend much on them (My mistake as we’ll soon see).