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Hello everyone, I’m 4irw4lk3r from the Brushes n’ Paints blog and I’m participating on this Project from my Painting Frog friend.


I first came across Warhammer 40K back in 2003 and since then haven’t stopped playing it. I started collecting Space Marines, particularly those from the Dark Angels chapter, a lot more because of their looks and fluff over how good they were on the gaming table. Nowadays I started collecting other games, like Infinity (which I play with a Japanese Sectorial list from Yu Jing) and Warhammer Fantasy (with High Elves), and I’m very interested in painting techniques and model making itself.


I chose the Tau because of their background in which an alliance of alien races try to achieve equity among species under the ruling of an empire.


Building a Tau army is a huge challenge, which is another reason I like them, in order to attain synergy between units and the game’s strategy. Beyond that I had always been attracted to the Crisis units as they’re beautifull, have great potential for conversions and … they’re MECHAS.