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Hi there Reader.


Some of the most frequent things I get asked these days by my friends are about the painting course with Fernando Ruiz I participated in back in may 2012. People want to know how it was, if I enjoyed it, what was taught on it and a lot more, but, in order not to be unfair as I came back with mixed feelings about it I opted to digest the course a bit before talking about it.


Well, I’ve reflected a lot on it by now and decided to talk about my impressions on the painting course today. Instead of beating around the bush I’ll say what I think about it straight ahead and then I’ll justify my opinions: I found the course incredible, and an unique opportunity for any miniature painting enthusiast, however, I was a quite frustrated by it and had I known more about it before enrolling I might have chosen not to participate on it.


Sounds confusing? Allow me to explain myself.