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My name is Eric “Ellendil” Hutter and I’m a comic book reader since 1994, a compulsive Role Player since 2000 and I’m also a RTS game fan. I had my first contact with the hobby at the end of 2010 when a friend came back from Orlando in the USA and brought me as a gift the Black Reach starter set.


Researching the web I soon found the Warhammer Brasil forum and the BoS club and started to join the community. As there was no embargo back then I bought from Maelstrom which supplied all my hobby needs but today I have to make do with the national market of pre-owned miniatures and Ebay.


I spent my first months in the hobby watching countless painting videos and many battle reports until I Got to play my first game on a tournament held by the BoS club. I now play at least once a week, on Wednesdays, at the public space of the DEVIR bookstore in Sao Paulo where the number of players has been growing steadily.


I’m more a collector than a gamer and I’m a fanatic about all Space Marine chapters so today I own more than 15.000 points of them divided between Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Raven Guard, Aurora, Blood Ravens, Red Scorpions, Flesh Tearers, Iron Hands and now an Imperial Fists project.