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Hey guys!


First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Cristiano and I live in Poços de Caldas in the south of the Minas Gerais state in Brazil, a.k.a “Normal“ for a good while now. I’m 34, just married, and began in the hobby of miniature painting around the 1990’s, painting military kits (poorly) and as soon as I began playing RPGs I had my first contact with a few lead miniatures and painted many of them. After then, I had a break from painting for quite a few years due to college, unemployment working, real life in the end. In 2008 I first met Warhammer 40000 in the last edition of the EIRPG at the Games Workshop stand. I sat in a painting table around there and the old love for assembling and painting miniatures came back with full power.


After then it is history. I began with two small Space Marine and Tyranid armies (which never saw the sunlight by the way) but stayed with the Orks. Since then I’ve been practicing regularly my painting skills and I’m always learning something new. This already gave me some mentions and a few real prizes in painting competitions, bothe online and real ones, with my last achievement being the Best Painted Army prize in the Fork of Mork III tournament, in November 2011, which also granted me the Overall Champion title.


And once again I face the challenge of painting a whole army with a time limit, stimulated by the new edition of Warhammer 40k.