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Hi Folks,


I’m “Ultra”Marcos from CPTeP, and despite the fact that I always consider myself a newbie on the hobby, I’ve been into Miniature/Tabletop games since the year 2000.


I first learnt about Warhammer in Stuttgart/Germany where I was living back then. When I moved back to Brazil, I joined the Warhammer Brasil Forum and met a bunch of people with similar interests. Since then, the hobby has been growing in my life. I am committing more and more personal time into it, to the point that I do something hobby related almost every day, if not every single day, be it painting, assembling, collecting, reading etc.


Due to my job, I moved to two other different countries already (Switzerland and US) and due to that I had a chance to play 40K in at least 8 different countries (that I can recollect). I’ve also been to Warhammer World, Games Day UK and Adepticon that are significant places/events for the Hobby.