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Hello everyone.


Most from Brazil will know me from the Warhammer Brasil forum as Sirron, but people normally call me Caio.


I’m 27 years old and I’m a geological engineer living in the city of Contagem, Minas Gerais, in Brazil. I got into the hobby around 2004 when I watched one of those curiosities television shows showcasing Warhammer, but I didn’t make a coection until a few months ago as I watched another tv show, this time on computer games, showcasing a strategy game with impressive graphics which hooked me on the spot. You can probably tell that was “Dawn of War” and it didn’t take me many google searches to find out the miniature game behind it.


I soon began searching an found the Warhammer Brasil forum finding out there were 40K players in Minas Gerais! At first the biggest obstacle was the financial one and also finding a way to buy the miniatures, but that’s an altogether different story.