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How’s everything folks? Montagna here again to share what has been going on. THis month I won’t fullfil my promise as I decided to write a little bit about where to purchase GW miniatures.

For those of you unaware of it, in the last few years we have had some trouble in purchasing miniatures for our armies given GW’s new trade policy which forbid major British resellers from selling their miniatures outside the European Union.


If you search here on the Painting Frog you will find the very opportune writings of brother Estevao about it at that time. But that’s in the past so let’s focus on today.


Unfortunately there isn’t an official distributor for GW products in Brazil, no matter what some think: There ISN’T. For years we depended on the occasional importer but the fact is that hobbyists are the ones who do most sales and incentive to the hobby in Brazil, through the online forums. I’ll cite Warhammer Brasil and Clube BoS here as those are the ones I visit most regularly and also where, with a little cara and checking the reputation of the sellers, it is possible to find good deals, avoid problems and save some time.





Hello guys.


Continuing the series of articles for the “A tale of X Gamers” – ToXG, I come forward to relay to you Reader me experience during the second month of this challenge of building a 2000 point ork army.


So, before we go on, a quick recap: On the first month I’ve painted 16 Ork Boys and 3 Deffkoptas from the old 5th Edition Starter set, Assault on Black Reach, which total 231 points.


The plans for my second month were to finish painting the miniatures from the AoBR box and to purchase some new units and that’s exactly what happened.




Hello folks, I’m 4irw4lk3r from the “Brushes n’ Paints” blog and I’m participating on this project from my friend Gereth here on the “The Painting Frog” blog.


I’m still having a hard time trying to decide which theme to use on my new Tau army and full of doubts about what to buy in order to expand the army. With the rumors about the new Codex Tau floating around I might stick to the basics from the Battleforce box for a while.


I intend to work on assembling the army and coming up with a theme for it this month as I already have a color scheme for it in my mind, with sober colors but with a range of combinations that may make the models shine on the tabletop.




Hello again folks!


Continuing the series, this month I decided to paint an Assault Squad, to have a melee unit, even in game system favorable to shooting, because I think it’s cool after all. The choice of this unit was also influenced by the lack of time, as I’m still adapting to my new life, and this is taking a lot from my free time. Since it’s a 5 model unit, I managed to work on it easily.


As for spending money, this month it was R$117,00 (around U$D 59,00), considering taxes and shipping; which by the way was divided amongst other stuff I got with it. Again, the extra value spent will be deduced later, but for now it is enough to know that I stayed below the R$150,00 cost limit. For us that live here in Brazil it is not worth buying a single item, the best is to avail the same purchase since the shipping cost doesn’t increase with a few extra boxes. If you have the option to share the costs with a friend it’s even better. You won’t spend that much all at once and can still keep the flow of models with no further problems.



Hello! Vitor from the “Vamos Ver no Pano Verde” blog here again.


On this month I have dedicated myself to the painting of the basic Tyranid Troop choice, the Hormagaunts. I’ve chosen them in order to try the paint scheme I intend to use on the army and in case I didn’t like the result it would be easy to prime them again and start over. I did a few tests and talked with some friends and ended up choosing green as the carapace color and khaki as the skin color.


I already have an ample paint collection from 4 different brands (Citadel Colors, Vallejo, Coat d’Arms and Corfix) so I didn’t need to add any paints to that. I’ve also recently purchased an airbrush. I haven’t got the hang of it yet but it’s a great tool I recommend purchasing after you gain some familiarity and control with a regular paint brush.




Hello to all Warhammer 40K fans.


The “A Tale of X Gamers” initiative intends to illustrate that it is possible to build an army for 40K, Fantasy or any other wargame spending a small amount of money over a one year period.


In the project I want to illustrate all the process from the choice of an army and its list of miniatures, all the basic material one must have to start in the hobby until the end when we’ll play a 2000 point game with it.


I hope you enjoy this series.