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Hello again folks!


Continuing the series, this month I decided to paint an Assault Squad, to have a melee unit, even in game system favorable to shooting, because I think it’s cool after all. The choice of this unit was also influenced by the lack of time, as I’m still adapting to my new life, and this is taking a lot from my free time. Since it’s a 5 model unit, I managed to work on it easily.


As for spending money, this month it was R$117,00 (around U$D 59,00), considering taxes and shipping; which by the way was divided amongst other stuff I got with it. Again, the extra value spent will be deduced later, but for now it is enough to know that I stayed below the R$150,00 cost limit. For us that live here in Brazil it is not worth buying a single item, the best is to avail the same purchase since the shipping cost doesn’t increase with a few extra boxes. If you have the option to share the costs with a friend it’s even better. You won’t spend that much all at once and can still keep the flow of models with no further problems.