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How’s everything folks? Montagna here again to share what has been going on. THis month I won’t fullfil my promise as I decided to write a little bit about where to purchase GW miniatures.

For those of you unaware of it, in the last few years we have had some trouble in purchasing miniatures for our armies given GW’s new trade policy which forbid major British resellers from selling their miniatures outside the European Union.


If you search here on the Painting Frog you will find the very opportune writings of brother Estevao about it at that time. But that’s in the past so let’s focus on today.


Unfortunately there isn’t an official distributor for GW products in Brazil, no matter what some think: There ISN’T. For years we depended on the occasional importer but the fact is that hobbyists are the ones who do most sales and incentive to the hobby in Brazil, through the online forums. I’ll cite Warhammer Brasil and Clube BoS here as those are the ones I visit most regularly and also where, with a little cara and checking the reputation of the sellers, it is possible to find good deals, avoid problems and save some time.