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Hello there Reader.


It’s not like I’ve only been toying with Chaos Space Marines for the ongoing “A Tale of X Gamers” series of articles. I do paint and work on other stuff and today’s post is about my latest work.


You’ve probably seen some Black Templar’s models here on the blog before. Most of them were painted for a friend’s army to which I’ve been asked to paint a few additions to. Valter, the friend in question, has asked me to assemble a couple of Rhinos/Razorbacks for him as additions to that army, and while assembling them I felt like painting a bit and so, completed this Rhino over the course of two days.


Hello there.

No, we haven’t given up on the “A Tale of X Gamers” project. Far from that, but, unfortunately real life does have a meddlesome habit of getting on the way of our hobby related projects from time to time doesn’t it? Someone far wiser than me has said that “Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans” and that has proven accurate once more.

I have once more been betrayed by my computer. This time it was my own fault as I managed to get it infected with some pretty virulent internet virus which began to shut down and erase everything I had on my hard drives. I did get it serviced by a specialized technician but when it came back there were faulty files and a bunch of shenanigans which prompted me to take it back to the store and have it formatted once more. And there it remains to this day.