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Hello to all Warhammer 40K fans.


The “A Tale of X Gamers” initiative intends to illustrate that it is possible to build an army for 40K, Fantasy or any other wargame spending a small amount of money over a one year period.


In the project I want to illustrate all the process from the choice of an army and its list of miniatures, all the basic material one must have to start in the hobby until the end when we’ll play a 2000 point game with it.


I hope you enjoy this series.





Hello! Vitor here from the “Vamos Ver no Pano Verde” blog reporting on my progress for the Project this month.

Or, what I was able to do.


Yes, I wasn’t able to paint my unit this month and the excuses are always the same. Real life issues demanding more attention than normal, some task which needed to get done over the weekend or, simply put, being lazy.





What’s up folks?


This month I planned to build more than one unit, but a regrettable fact in my life put me down so that I had to prioritize other things. My apartment was robbed on November 14th, and in addition to the shock, I had a colossal financial loss. This project will not be interrupted only because I already possess the models I will use along it.


Back on topic, this month I built my HQ, a Captain in Terminator Armor, with Combi-Plasma and a Chainfist. As it is also an expansion to my current Marines army, this will be the captain of the 1st company. The individual cost of this model was quite low, considering it is 1/5 from the terminators box, it was below R$30,00, which is great for the army’s budget.


You will notice that I made some conversions in this model. I used the Combi-Plasma from the finecast model of the Librarian in Terminator Armour, cut off the Stormbolter that usually comes in the terminators’ arm and glued the Combi-Plasma in its place. Inspired by a post in “What’s New Today” blog from GW, the breastplate is a bit from the Venerable Dreadnought kit, cut to fit. The rest are just add-ons that usually come in the Space Marine kits, such as purity seals and the laurel glued on the Chainfist.




Hello there Reader.

Another year has gone by and, at least to me it seemed like 2012 was taking its time! Alas it’s now gone… farewell 2012, you won’t be missed here!


I’d like to begin this by wishing you guys a happy New Year. Believe me when I say this is sincere and from the bottom of my heart. I know there are probably troubled waters ahead for all of us but I TRULY wish you all a VERY HAPPY new year with good health and in which you can find the will to pursue your hopes and dreams, be they real life or hobby related ones.


I’ll try my best at that and that’s a New Year resolution I guess.