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Hello everybody!


One more month, one more unit added to my army. My first units were all some kind of infantry, so this time I went for a vehicle. I know that in the 6th edition of WH40K the troops are highly valuable to the game, but I just love tanks. There’s nothing like a behemoth running over your enemies. Based on that, I chose the Vindicator, because it’s a tank and also highly effective against infantry and vehicles (S10, AP1, ordnance, 5”blast).


This month’s cost was R$135,00 (one hundred and thirty  five reais, which is around sixty five American dollars) considering tax and shipping (it was bought with other stuff, like I said in another article of this series, lowering shipping costs).





Hello to all Warhammer 40K fans.


The “A Tale of X Gamers” initiative intends to illustrate that it is possible to build an army for 40K, Fantasy or any other wargame spending a small amount of money over a one year period.


In the project I want to illustrate all the process from the choice of an army and its list of miniatures, all the basic material one must have to start in the hobby until the end when we’ll play a 2000 point game with it.


I hope you enjoy this series.




Hello there.


Vitor from the “Vamos Ver no Pano Verde” blog here once again.


This month I was able to paint the Tyranid Warriors. Below is a step-by-step guide of how I did them.



Hello there.


Well, as I had predicted I moved houses. Again. Not only houses I should add, I moved to a different city and after the usual settling in shenanigans I’m finally back online.


I won’t even try to apologize. I’m finally coming to terms that I’m riding a roller coaster when it comes to my real life and I should be adapting to it by now. I really won’t bother you with the fine print details about it all.


So I’m getting back on track by publishing the texts I had from the remaining participants of the  A Tale of “X” gamers project and we’ll move on from there.


I’m glad to have you back and hope you come back for more.


Over and out.




Salve Leitor.


Bom, como eu andava prevendo acabei me mudando uma vez mais. Não só de casa, mas também de cidade. De novo.


Não vou nem tentar me desculpar pela falta de atualizações. Acho que finalmente começo a aceitar o fato de que, ao menos por hora, vivo uma vida de cigano sem parada e numa montanha russa no que diz respeito à chamada “vida real” (que de real não tem nada).


Agora que resolvi os costumeiros imbróglios com a mudança estou online uma vez mais e retomo as atualizações por aqui. Vou começar publicando os textos que ainda tenho aqui dos participantes remanescentes do projeto Um Conto de “X“ Jogadores/A Tale of “X” Gamers e continuamos a partir daí.

Estou feliz de estar de volta e por você estar aqui. Espero que volte.


Abraço e até breve.