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Hello folks!


This month I decided to adhere to one of the new additions to the 6th edition of WH 40k, a flying vehicle. As I said on the previous article I love tanks, so nothing more adequate as my first choice of a flyer, a vehicle that is at the same time a ship and also a tank: Forge World’s Caestus Assault Ram.


Images help, but don’t show completely how cool this ship is! Even with a relatively simple design, it is imposing and elegant. After removing the resin reservoir blocks from the cast, cleaning mold lines, a few test fits quickly showed the steps I should follow to assemble and paint it.


Of course, besides being such a magnificent model, choosing it was also due to its use in games. A flying tank that can transport up to 10 Terminators, or serve as beacon for teleporting them; and also even if it is a flyer, it can still make ram moves (move 18” and ram, yes!) and you still get the Magna Melta, a 5”blast melta weapon. I can barely wait to see it in action!




Hey there Reader.


It’s been a good while since I’ve written a proper painting tutorial in order to share with you guys here on the blog.


I believe that in order to improve our painting skills we should strive to leave our comfort zone whenever possible and there’s this technique I had wanted to try for a long time called “Salt Weathering” which, to sum up, consists of using your every day kitchen salt to as a mask when painting, but that, thus far, I hadn’t found an opportunity to try.


The nice thing about this technique is that it produces irregular patches which can be really useful to simulate paint wearing off from surfaces. Given that I wanted to go with a weathered look for my Outpost Kit (reviewed here the other day) I decided it was time to give the technique a try.





After a while without touching any miniatures I’m back to showcase the basic color scheme for the troops on my Tau army.


I’ve always wanted to paint yellow and this project has presented me with the opportunity to lear how to paint this color. So my basic troops will sport an yellow paint scheme with some cream and brown added to it.


When it came to details I didn’t want to stray far from my chosen palette so I opted for orange and in order to break all those colors a bit the plasma effects will be painted in blue.




Hello there Reader.


I must begin this post by being honest and admitting I haven’t been able to produce a single figure for the “A Tale of X Gamers” Project.


There were countless factors which conspired so that I wouldn’t have the time or the will to work on the miniatures of my Word Bearers army and since that’s something most of us will face sometime over the course of our hobby lives I thought it would be ok to talk a little bit about it here on the blog.


Every now and then I talk about “real life” here on the blog, which is the everyday stuff from our lives when we’re not devoting ourselves to what truly matters: Our hobby. Well, real life does have the intrusive habit of getting into one’s way when it comes to quality hobby time and it’s only natural that from time to time, we see ourselves without enough free time to devote to our hobbies, specially wargaming which demands a lot of time in order to assemble and paint our miniatures before we even get to play some games.




Hello folks.


Continuing the series of articles of the “A Tale of X Gamers” – ToXG, I’m back to relay to you my experience on my third month of the challenge of building an Ork army of 2000 points for Warhammer 40.000.


Last month I finished painting the miniatures from the Assault on Black Reach basic box (20 Ork Boys, 5 Ork Nobz and 1 Warboss) and also finished assembling the ones from the Battleforce, the Lootas, Big Mek and extra Boys purchased off Ebay.


This month I have received some new items bought on Ebay to increase the army. Thus I’ve spent my free time assembling and organizing the new army.



Hello there Reader.


This is the portuguese version of the “Outpost Kit” review published here. If you missed it do check it out today.




Salve Leitor.


Acabei levando bem mais tempo para escrever este artigo do que eu esperava, mas, quero crer que a demora tenha valido a pena.


Já tem um tempo que escrevi pela primeira vez acerca de minha vontade de experimentar um novo sistema de jogo e compartilhar toda a experiência com vocês através do blog.Uma de minhas preocupações em relação a essa nova experiência eram os cenários principalmente porque o jogo que escolhi, o Infinity da Corvus Belli, possui uma temática e uma escala bastante diferentes dos demais jogos que eu já colecionava e assim o meu acervo de cenários não seria tão útil para o novo jogo.



Hello there Reader.


Writing this article took me a lot longer than I originally anticipated (sorry about that Harry!) but I want to believe the end result I’m presenting you here in this review is well worth the wait.


I wrote here on the blog a while ago about the idea of tackling a new wargaming system from scratch and sharing my experiences along the way with you Reader from this blog. One of my biggest concerns were the scenery pieces given that the game I chose to begin with, Infinity from Corvus Belli, has a very different scale and atmosphere from the other games I already collected (namely Warhammer 40.000) and thus my collection of scenery pieces wouldn’t suit the new game.