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Hello folks!


This month I decided to adhere to one of the new additions to the 6th edition of WH 40k, a flying vehicle. As I said on the previous article I love tanks, so nothing more adequate as my first choice of a flyer, a vehicle that is at the same time a ship and also a tank: Forge World’s Caestus Assault Ram.


Images help, but don’t show completely how cool this ship is! Even with a relatively simple design, it is imposing and elegant. After removing the resin reservoir blocks from the cast, cleaning mold lines, a few test fits quickly showed the steps I should follow to assemble and paint it.


Of course, besides being such a magnificent model, choosing it was also due to its use in games. A flying tank that can transport up to 10 Terminators, or serve as beacon for teleporting them; and also even if it is a flyer, it can still make ram moves (move 18” and ram, yes!) and you still get the Magna Melta, a 5”blast melta weapon. I can barely wait to see it in action!