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What´s up!


One more month, one more unit. Like last month, I´m getting the new stuff that showed up in the sixth edition, and this time I got a Fortification. An Aegis Defense Line with Icarus Lascannon.


I read much about the quadgun as being better, but the points limit let me choose only the lascannon, besides, with BS 4 I got more chances to get a hit with its single shot, which has S 9 and can do some serious damage to my enemies’ armor or flyers.




For this month I have assembled the HQ choice for my Tyranid army: The Hive Tyrant. On this article I’ll share with you a step by step on how it was done.


Now that my color scheme has been defined and tested painting this figure was really easy. Applying light and shadow to a big piece such as this is different from a small piece and might present a challenge such as on this model.