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Hello Reader.

It’s time for another battle report here on the blog. This time we’ll follow the latest conflict between my Eldar and Marcelo’s Orks (which you can read about on his ToXG articles here on the blog).

“With his mind’s eye the Eldar Farseer could observe the abandoned fortifications. Floating high in the air he shared the birds’ view of the buildings left behind when the humans retreated. There was nothing left here to protect now, and without that, the outposts which once guarded and monitored the planet’s riches were left behind and now waited for new masters to defend.


The planet had changed drastically. The humans, true to their kind and abusive methods of war didn’t hesitate to employ chemical agents in order to destroy the once abundant plant life that covered the entire planet trying to deny the Tyranids the vital biomass they needed to engorge their swarms. It was about the same time that the plants died that the skull shaped rocks started sprouting like evil seeds after the first rain. And then the Orks came.