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It’s time for another battle report here on the blog. This time we’ll follow the latest conflict between my Eldar and Marcelo’s Orks (which you can read about on his ToXG articles here on the blog).

“With his mind’s eye the Eldar Farseer could observe the abandoned fortifications. Floating high in the air he shared the birds’ view of the buildings left behind when the humans retreated. There was nothing left here to protect now, and without that, the outposts which once guarded and monitored the planet’s riches were left behind and now waited for new masters to defend.


The planet had changed drastically. The humans, true to their kind and abusive methods of war didn’t hesitate to employ chemical agents in order to destroy the once abundant plant life that covered the entire planet trying to deny the Tyranids the vital biomass they needed to engorge their swarms. It was about the same time that the plants died that the skull shaped rocks started sprouting like evil seeds after the first rain. And then the Orks came.


The Ork Rokks started falling from the skies not long after the Skull Stones started erupting from the ground all over the planet. There was no way of fathoming whether the Orks had been attracted by some esoteric force emanating from the stones or if they had been brought here by the sheer carnage unleashed over the last few months. It didn’t matter, now Eldrak and his small elite strike force had a new enemy to fight, stopping them from messing the plans they had for the unfolding conflict.


Fast steps climbing the hill took Eldrak out of his meditative state returning his spiritual form to his physical body. Drok’tal was the Striking Scorpions Exarch serving under Eldrak on this mission and none in the strike force should be able to hear him moving. Not even Eldrak would be able to do so if not for his psychic abilities and the turmoil of thoughts currently in Drok’tal’s mind.


“ – What news are you bearing noble Drok’tal?” asked Eldrak still sitting on a small wraithbone bench, his legs crossed in the lotus position, his back turned to the approaching Exarch.


Without masking the surprise in his tone the Exarch answered “ – Farseer, the Orks advance in huge numbers as foreseen by your Seer Council. They should reach the Mon’Keigh’s abandoned outpost in a few hours”.


“ – What of our foreces Drok’tal?” now the Farseer addressed his subordinate looking straight into his eyes. He had a fierce look about him.


“ – They’re posed to strike Lord Eldrak”


“ – Return to your men Drok’tal… you’re going to play an important part in the conflict to come” answered the Farseer as he began moving down the hill. He would soon join his troops in the coming fight but he already mourned all the irreplaceable lives battle would claim soon. Drok’tal would be one of those who would perish and it saddened the old Farseer”.


Well, we got together recently in order to play one of my last games using the old Eldar Codex which has been a trusty companion for a while now.


We rolled for mission objectives and ended up with another objective control mission (they would be completely ignored until the very last turn of the game though).


Here’s the battle report (you can click the pictures for larger views):


In the early hours of the morning the battlefield looks eerily quiet. The abandoned outpost, previously hidden in the dense foliage of the jungle now dominates the battlefield:


The Orks arrived from the north aboard their noisy transport vehicles:


And then the Eldar trap is sprung. Dropping the psychically conjured illusion the Farseer reveals his strike force:


The stage for battle is thus set:


The Orks begin their turn advancing “en masse” towards the Eldar line. Clambering over the outpost’s walls a group of Ork Boys heads for the central objective, while on the far side an Ork Dreadnought and some Killer Kans advance trying to envelop the Eldar forces.


The shooting of the Orks was typically innacurate, but the Lobbas on a nearby hill manned by Grots took a terrible toll on the Eldar killing several guardians before they even had a chance to move.


Eldrak had foreseen that carnage but he was determined to thwart fate’s plans. He sprung his trap by moving one of the Guardian Squads into the relative protection offered by the outpost’s walls. The Dire Avengers advanced into the outpost as well trying to counter the Ork’s advance, while the remaining Eldar forces took positions to try to counter the advance of the horde’s warboss.


After Eldrak and the second Farseer, his apprentice, had employed their psychic gifts to bless their own troops and doom the incoming enemy it was time to halt the Ork’s advance. The Dire Avengers who had disembarked from their transport opened fire on the Ork Boys that occupied the deserted outpost killing most of them and forcing the survivors to flee under the hailstorm of shuriken fire they poured out using the Exarch’s Bladestorm ability.


The concentrated fire from the Eldar units managed to destroy the Battlewagon transporting the Warboss and its retinue of Mega Nobz. Surprising even Eldrak the Warboss emerging from the wreckage revealed himself to be none other than the mighty Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, the prophet of the Waaagh. The Fire Dragons and Eldar Pathfinders weren’t intimidaded and poured fire into Ghazghkull’s imposing retinue killing all but two and the Warboss himself.


The Orks definatelly know how to take a beating and keep on coming. Undaunted by their losses they resumed their advance. The unit of ‘Ard Boys with a custom force field totting Mek in tow started clambering over the front gate, decided to occupy the abandone outpost at all costs. The Ork Trukks positioned themselves in order to unleash their deadly cargo, one of them unleashing the Shoota Boys poised to strike at the Fire Dragons while the Warboss and what was left of his retinue advanced towards the towering Wraithlord that stood in their way. On the far side the Killer Kans and Dreadnought continued their advance and a treacherous group of Ork Kommandos entered the combat zone close to the Eldar lines.


With a resounding bellow Ghazghkull Thraka issued a “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!”  cry and the fusillade of Ork indiscriminate fire began anew. Once more the weapon that took the heaviest toll on Eldar forces were the Lobbas far behind enemy lines. This time the Dire Avengers and the Guardian Squad on the outpost took a direct hit which killed one Guardian and three Dire Avengers. The other Guardian Squad and the Howling Banshees also lost some numbers to the enemy fire. The ‘Ard Boys used their run move to start entering the outpost.


In the inevitable assault phase Ghazghkull and his duo of Mega Nobs assaulted the Wraithlord while the Shoota Boys assaulted the Fire Dragons. The Wraithlord was able to withstand the charge and killed the two Mega Nobz while suffering a single wound from the mighty Warboss  in return. The Fire Dragons also held their ground killing four Shoota Boys while loosing no Eldar in return (thanks to their higher Initiative).


The Eldar began another turn by redeploying their forces.  Unable to shoot this turn the Dire Avengers reembarked upon their Wave Serpent transport and were spirited away towards the front gate of the outpost. The Guardian squad which accompanied them was left behind to try to stall the Killer Kans and Dreadnought that advanced perilously towards their lines. The other Guardian Squad, now reduced to a single Guardian and a Warlock also took positions manning the outpost’s walls while the Banshees advanced towards Ghazghkull Thraka.  The first Eldar reserves to arrive at the battlefield were Drok’tal and his Striking Scorpions, their objective clear for all to see.


On the shooting phase the Falcon opened fire against the Trukk which still had its Shoota Boys embarked on it. The ensuing explosiong killed six of the Orks embarked on the Trukk also claiming the lives of one Fire Dragon and a few of the Shoota Boys engaged in combat nearby. The survivors of the explosion were quickly dispatched by the Pathfinders. The Wave serpent opened fire against the ‘Ard Boys still outside the outpost’s gate. The Striking Scorpions failed to do the Lobbas any harm


In the Eldar assault phase the Banshees charged Ghazghkull Thraka while the Fire Dragons fought the Shoota Boys. The combats were still bogged down in the end of the phase with no side able to seize the upper hand.


The movement on the Ork turn was fast. The remainder of the Ork ‘Ard Boys tried to enter the outpost seeking protection behind its walls while the Killer Kans and Dreadnought advanced towards the Guardians. A unit of Deffkoptas infiltrated the battlefield right behind the Eldar Falcon.


On the Shooting phase the Lobbas were able to unleash their deadly payload once more killing the last Guardian and the Warlock of one on the Guardian Squads. The Deffkoptas fired their rockets against the Falcon’s rear armor with devastating effect, crippling the elegant war vehicle.


And in the assault phase the Wraithlord and Fire Dragons wer finally able to despatch their respective enemies. With the “WAAAAAAAAAGH!” effect finally gone Ghazghkull was beaten down by the Wraithlord while the Fire Dragons eliminated the rest of the Shoota Boys. A new assault ensued when the Killer Kans and Dreadnought charged the Guardians. I finally remembered the “Overwatch” rule and opened fire against the Dreadnough, not only hitting it but also destroying it with the Bright Lance. The Guardians were then properly minced by the Killer Kans.


The final Eldar reserves arrived in the form of a trio of War Walkers. They had been tailing the Ork Kommandos and emerged hot on their tracks into the battlefield. The Fire Dragons moved towards the last remaining Ork Trukk. Also free from the combat that held them, the Wraithlord and Banshees were free to act. While the first clambered over the outpost’s walls the later moved towards the Ork ‘Ard Boys still outside the gate. The Dire Avengers anso disembarked from their Wave Serpent eager to deal shuriken death.


On the Shooting phase the Striking Scorpions were a lot more effective this turn, finally dealing with the terrible Lobbas and crew that took so many Eldar lives in the course of battle. The War Walkers finally got to open fire against the prey they’d been stalking killing all but two. The Dire Avengers unleashed hell once more killing all ‘Ard Boys left outside the outpost. The Wraithlord took care of the rest using its flamers.


Another Ork turn saw the arrival of a ramshackle airplane from reserve. It would soon open fire against the Striking Scorpions claiming the life of Drok’tal as it had been predicted. The Killer Kans moved in to assault the Wraithlord losing one of their number to overwatch fire. The other two were destroyed in the ensuing close combat phase leaving the smoldering wreck of one of them behind.


“As the ash and smoke were taken away by the psychically conjured winds it was clear the Eldar had emerged as victors once more. The Ork forces were broken and squabbling amongst themselves vying for leadership. The Ork Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka had been rescued from the battlefield while the Eldar directed their efforts in securing the deserted outpost and would soon return with even more Orks for another fight.


Yes the Eldar had won, but at what cost wondered Eldrak”.


And that’s how the battle went guys. We had a fun and enjoyable game with a strong narrative behind it. After the assault by the Killer Kans I’d still have a turn but we agreed to end the battle there as having another turn wouldn’t change the objectives we held at that point. The Eldar won the game with two objectives held (one by the Pathfinder Rangers and another by the Wraithlord as we had rolled the “Big Guns Never Tire” scenario) agains none for the Orks.


Another great thing about this battle was that I finally got to use the Outpost Kit I had reviewed here on the blog back in March 2013. I believe this Battle Report also proves I was right back then in believing the kit’s potential for different gaming systems.


In order to celebrate this great scenery kit finally getting the opportunity to shine on the tabletop (and your patience in reading thus far) the The Painting Frog blog is offering its readers a 10% discount code you can use at the Warmill website to purchase your own Outpost Kit or any other Warmill scenery kits.


All you need to do is head to Warmill’s website, make your purchases and when prompted to enter the following Discount Code: PAINTINGFROG.


I guess that’s it from me today.


Over and out.



  1. Pascalnz says:

    how on earth did gazgkhul not kill the Wraith lord?? 3’s to hit 2’s to wound no save. he has, what 6 or 7 attacks on the charge? lovely report in general though:)

    • Gereth says:

      Hey Pascalnz!

      He did roll miserably in two rounds of combat only getting one hit on each of the turns he fought. I was surprised… thw Wraithlord was supposed to be a speed bump for Ghazghkull giving me a round of shooting at him with my Pathfinders after the Wraithlord’s demise.

      Weird things happen sometimes.

      Thanks for the comment mate!

  2. Scott says:

    Nice Battle.Really cool.I just got into warhammer 40k and I thought that was an inspiring battle strategy.Right now I only have 20 space wolves for a battle but I now see you can do so much with so little.You did great.I hope to see another one of these.

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