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Hello Reader.


Another quick post today letting our Portuguese speaking readers know that another episode of the “Papo de Mesa” Podcast has been posted on the blog.


As usual if you speak the language I couldn’t recommend it more. This episode was a blat to record and it gets funnier each time I listen to it while painting.





Hello Reader!


Another quick post today letting people know the second part of the second episode of the Papo de Mesa Podcast is finally online.


In this episode we continue talking about the rudiments of miniature painting, sharing our insights with our listeners, so if you ever wondered what “primer” is, had no clue about how to “Drybrush” or “Wash” a miniature and has been wondering what the hell milk consistency is ever since you first began painting this episode is right for you. Mind you our episodes are recorded in Brazilian Portuguese.



Hello fellow Reader.


“If you haven’t been living under a rock” is such a cliché to begin writing an article such as this that I’m quite tempted to avoid using it. I’ll go with “if you haven’t been living in a cave” instead.


So if you Reader haven’t been living in a cave for the past couple of years you’ll have probably heard about Kickstarter by now. If you’re still unaware of it let me shed some light onto this mysterious name: Kickstarter is a crowdfunding tool available to anyone with a nice project and the will to be an entrepreneur, but who lacks the funds to finance said project. As the name implies the “crowd”, normally us in the internet (and probably the people your project is aimed at), will provide the funds if your project is tempting enough (with nice prices, stretch goals and free stuff some would say).