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Hello folks!


It’s been a while, right? Over the course of the last months I was very busy taking care of my personal life, while also working on some projects different from this. I’m studying again (for an inorganic chemistry doctorate degree), and this will consume part of my free time for the next few years, and when it comes to our hobby, big changes in our routine take away all the time you dedicate to the hobby until you find a way to fit the hobby back into the new routine includes and you re-adapt to it. It’s a slow process, but everything fits in the end.


Since the last article, a new Codex: Space Marines was released. Obviously I had to get a copy, read it, and check the army list’s points. Aparently my former 2000 points list is now a 1901 point list and I haven’t decided yet what to do with these extra 99 points, but I’ll do that while a I work in the units I am sure I won’t change.




Hello! This is Vitor from the “Vamos ver no Pano Verde” blog. In this article I’ll showcase the progress of my Tyranids collection.


For this month I’ve decided to paint all the small models I had available here, as the painting process for them is quite repetitive.


The models I had here were a Zoanthrope, three Hive Guards and four bases of Ripper Swarms.





Hello there Reader.


Yet another post about our Papo de Mesa Podcast. This is just a heads up letting our readers know we’ve published the sixth episode of our podcast and this time we’re talking about Warhammer 40.000.


So if you speak Portuguese, or at least understand the language, please check our newest episode on the podcast’s blog or through the embedded video further down on this post.




Hello there.


Just letting you guys know we have published last week the second part of our “Papo de Mesa Podcast” about wargaming clubs in Brazil.


It is Portuguese spoken, so it might not be of interest to my English readers. Having said that if you speak Portuguese do check it out, either through the post on our Podcast’s blog or right here on the blog through the Youtube Player available further down on this post.