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Hello folks!


Another month, another model finished. I’m almost in the end, and reaching this point gives me an extra boost to try harder to finish everything as soon as possible (that, and a few new models in line that I want to work at after I finish this army).


In my last article, I said my former 2000 points list had become a 1901 points list with the new Codex: Space Marines. I had to redo it, but without altering the units that were already done. The modifications were as follows:




Hello there Reader.


As I said yesterday, I had completely forgotten to post here on the blog about the second part of our “Papo de Mesa Podcast” about Warhammer 40.000.


This week we have published the final installment of our 40K episode in which we wrap up our (very) informal conversation about this fantastic game produced by Games Workshop.



Hello Reader.


I’ve been so caught up with my real life issues that I forgot to post here the latest episode of our “Papo de Mesa Podcast” show.


As usual I apologize this content is only available in Portuguese, but if you speak the language I urge you to check us out. This episode is the second part of the 6th episode where we talk about Warhammer 40.000 and you can download it on our podcast’s blog or watch it through the embedded video further down on this post.