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Hello folks!


We’re almost at the end of the challenge. In my last article, I mentioned some changes that some units had to undergo after the release of the actual Codex Space Marines. This month was dedicated for one of them: The Devastator Squad.


The Box of Devastators was bought some time ago, for the first article of this series. In this box there’s only a single missile launcher, so I needed 3 more in order to complete the squad as I wanted to field it. It wasn’t hard to get the bits for the rest of the unit as each Tactical Squad box also has a missile launcher, and since I already had two of those boxes, I got two more missile launchers from them. The last one I got from the Space Marines set from the old box of the Battle for Macragge, for about US$10,00. It is also from this set that I got the other 5 Space Marines I needed to complete the squad making it a 10 man unit. So, this month’s total cost was only US$10,00.