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Hello there Reader.


One of the great hobby related things I did last year was attending the first “Papo de Mesa CON” (or simply PAPOCON as I like to call it) in Sao Paulo/Brazil.


You may be wondering now what am I talking about as I had never mentioned it here and I do tend to give my readers fair notice about any events I’ll attend in case any of you guys want to join in the fun. If you read this blog regularly you know by now that I’ve started hosting and producing a podcast show with my good friend “Ultra”Marcos (from the “Chumbo, Plastico, Tinta & Pincel” blog) called “Papo de Mesa Podcast” (which would roughly translate as “Tabletop Talk” in the English language), a show produced in Portuguese language (so it might not be of interest to some of my English readers) thus aimed at the gaming communities in Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries given that very little hobby content is available in our native language.