Hello there Reader.


One of the great hobby related things I did last year was attending the first “Papo de Mesa CON” (or simply PAPOCON as I like to call it) in Sao Paulo/Brazil.


You may be wondering now what am I talking about as I had never mentioned it here and I do tend to give my readers fair notice about any events I’ll attend in case any of you guys want to join in the fun. If you read this blog regularly you know by now that I’ve started hosting and producing a podcast show with my good friend “Ultra”Marcos (from the “Chumbo, Plastico, Tinta & Pincel” blog) called “Papo de Mesa Podcast” (which would roughly translate as “Tabletop Talk” in the English language), a show produced in Portuguese language (so it might not be of interest to some of my English readers) thus aimed at the gaming communities in Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries given that very little hobby content is available in our native language.

So Marcos is a long time friend I’ve made through the wargaming hobby, but one who over time has grown into a trusted and cherished friend albeit one I don’t get to see as often as I’d like as he now lives in the USA.


It was probably around July (I honestly won’t remember) that he told me he’d be coming to Brazil on a business trip and he came up with the idea of meeting some of our common friends while he was here in order to get some games and to catch up, and as we already had quite a few people listening to our program then we decided to invite any listeners that felt like it to come along to meet us and play some games and that’s how the idea for the “Papo de Mesa CON” was born.


Marco’s fulfils a long overdue promise delivering Andre his Salamander Captain.


Things escalated quickly from there, and our friends from the “Clube Paulista de Wargames” (CPW – A local gaming club in Sao Paulo/Brazil, if you’re ever going there and would like to have a few games I urge you to visit them) not only agreed to host our meeting in their clubhouse but Andre “Streem” came up with the idea of hosting a two-day mini Mordheim campaign for us to play, an idea we accepted quickly as by then me and Marcos were both very keen on playing at their spectacular Mordheim table.


One of the CPW’s tables prepared for a Warhammer 40K game.


Another Warhammer 40K table, this one depicting an old maiden world.


An overview of CPW’s incredible Mordheim table.


The same table viewed from the other side.


And yet another shot.


A warehouse on the docks.


The docks of Mordheim still see a lot of use from smugglers and would be adventurers using it to enter the city intead of braving the monster infested streets.


A grim building dominates this quarter of Mordheim.


The old gallows from Mordheim.


We started inviting people to attend on the episodes of the podcast we published prior to our trip to Sao Paulo, but that was the only notice we gave people about it, while at the same time we started working on the warband with which we would attend the event.


I have been rehearsing to build a proper Warhammer Fantasy army for ages now, and have been amassing a few models during that time, so it was a pretty natural decision for me to field a Vampire Counts warband using a few of the models I already had here, however, much to my chagrin, I wasn’t able to paint them all in time and took them half painted for our gaming weekend.


The weekend itself was great as we had expected with a lot of gaming going on and also a lot of idle talking amongst friends. Gaming wise the Mordheim mini-campaign was fantastic and a lot of kudos are owed to “Streem” and AJ who thought about it and devised each game’s objectives. I had lots of enjoyable games (and the game played with “Streem” against Marcos and AJ was especially memorable) and had a lot of fun watching Socrates win as the weekend’s champion with his underrated warband of goblins.


There was a lot of catching up and idle talk over the course of the weekend.


And a lot of gaming as well. Here Marco’s tag team of Imperial Guard and Blood Angels square off against Vitor’s Eldar… a game bound to happen ever since we recorded the “Wargaming Tales” episode of our Podcast.

Blood Angles about to dish out some punishment.


Run to the hils!


Someone is about to get creamed again.


Vitor’s beautifully painted Harlequins hiding in the bush.


A game between such atrocious dice rollers could only end in a tie.


My ghouls stalking the streets of Mordheim.


The dead walk the streets of Mordheim again.


One of Marcos’ mummies prowls the streets looking for a victim.


Another mummy, this one a former queen, seeks shelter in a ruined building.


That’s A LOT of bandages.


Hanging with everyone was a lot of fun so I’d like to begin wrapping this up by thanking the friends I have in the CPW for having us over for the weekend on their club, so thank you André “Tocha” (also another partner in making the “Papo de Mesa Podcast”), André “Zinho”, André “Streem”, Enéas, Fábio “Sephyr”, Sócrates “Peacecraft” and Silvio. I should also thank the friends who took some time off their personal lives and travelled to Sao Paulo to meet us and play against us, so thank you Cristiano “Normal” and Vitor “VoidBR”. Especial thanks are also owed to another member of the CPW crew, Antonio “AJ”, who travelled from Rio to Sao Paulo and back again on the same day just to see us.


One of Ken’s creations, a scratchbuilt Mek.





Ken’s incredibly muscled Warboss.



This guys is HUGE.


Cristiano’s Space Marines get ready to face Marco’s Imperial Guard.


That’s the business end of a Vindicator.


These guys look great on the tabletop.



That’s going to hurt.


The photos that illustrate the article today are a mere appetizer, a showcase of a little bit that was going on this incredible weekend spent in the company of good friends. Love you all guys and hope we get to meet again soon!


The weekend generals!


Over and out.


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