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Hello Reader.


Mantic Games. The name should sound familiar by now for anyone who’s into the hobby of collecting, painting and (or) playing miniature games and wargames as by now Mantic is the powerhouse behind not one, but six very successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter.


Kings of War; Dreadball; Deadzone; Loka (which is the pet project of Alessio Cavatore); Mars Attacks and Dreadball Xtreme have all proven to be very popular games which backed by thousands of gamers and miniature collectors all over the world have allowed the British company to amass the incredible combined sum of U$ 3.538.467,00 (three million five hundred and thirty eight thousand, four hundred and sixty seven dollars) through its crowdfunding campaigns and with plans for more game campaigns on Kickstarter soon, Mantic Games is eager to deliver more and they sure know how to please their fans, with lots of added value being the norm for their campaigns.


But those of you who have been in the hobby for a while longer might remember Mantic as the one time “Ugly Duckling” in the wargaming business.