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Hello Reader.


We’ll have a quick break on the series of articles chronicling my visit to the city of Nottingham and the wargaming companies based there to see something different today.


One the things I have learned over the years is to cherish the little things we take for granted, like well baked bread, popsicles and good quality ice-cream and even potato chips (no wonder why I’m fat right?). Did you ever run out of paint in the middle of a paintjob you were really keen on, so you had to dress up and make a quick trip either to the nearby Games Workshop store or your local friendly game store for that pot of Devlan Mud? Yes, I know you would relate. Ever imagined not having a store nearby to pick up your paint from?


What if I told you than when I run out of paint I have to wait MONTHS till I’m able to replace it? Sounds unreal right? Well, that’s the reality of us hobbyists in Brazil, as we have no local GW stores, and almost no existing FLGS carry paint and other hobby articles.