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We’ll have a quick break on the series of articles chronicling my visit to the city of Nottingham and the wargaming companies based there to see something different today.


One the things I have learned over the years is to cherish the little things we take for granted, like well baked bread, popsicles and good quality ice-cream and even potato chips (no wonder why I’m fat right?). Did you ever run out of paint in the middle of a paintjob you were really keen on, so you had to dress up and make a quick trip either to the nearby Games Workshop store or your local friendly game store for that pot of Devlan Mud? Yes, I know you would relate. Ever imagined not having a store nearby to pick up your paint from?


What if I told you than when I run out of paint I have to wait MONTHS till I’m able to replace it? Sounds unreal right? Well, that’s the reality of us hobbyists in Brazil, as we have no local GW stores, and almost no existing FLGS carry paint and other hobby articles.

Why am I rambling about it, you ask? Well, today’s article might be somewhat odd to you as I’m assuming that you, as one of my English speaking readers live on a place where there are GW stores or, at least, FLGS nearby you can get hobby supplies from, so you know how a GW store looks like, and probably take it for granted, but for us living far from the hobby centers of the world, finally attending such a store is a big deal. So while this article might appear odd to some of you, or perhaps even foolish (and I might sound over-excited for an adult in a game store), but try keeping our reality here in mind.


So I found myself spending the day in the lovely city of Bath, located in Somerset in the southwest of England. Bath is considered a World Heritage Site and is a well sought tourist destination in the UK, receiving over 3.8 million visitors anually (you can find out more about visiting it here). As  I was visiting England, it’s pretty obvious I eventually found my way there and after visiting the ever popular (and incredibly fascinating) Roman Baths I decided to check out the local Games Workshop store, and record the experience to share later with my readers here on the blog.


The Roman Baths seen from the top. Waters are unsafe for swimming these days, but it’s seen a lot of use over the course of centuries. The city was founded sometime in century 1 AD.


The Gorgon’s Head, one of the Roman remains in the Baths’ collection.


The thermal waters of the Roman Baths.


The store itself isn’t much different from your average GW store, however, one thing I’ve noticed during this trip is that not every store has nicely painted models on display these days. Back in the day, every shop you went to was a visual treat, each one was truly unique, and during this trip I was under the impression the look of GW stores (and the models on display, and scenery available in store tables) has been more streamlined.


Well, enough beating around the bush, check the video to see how GW-Bath looks:



I have to say that the models I got to see there were truly amazing and worthy of note. Unfortunately my camera had its limitations and lighting was far from ideal at the time of my visit, but I do have a few photos to share:


A close up on one of the display tables, used in store to showcase GW’s games and for small introductory games to beginners. This one is a Warhammer 40.000 one.


The Landing Pad being fought over by Dark Angels Space Marines and servants of the ruinous powers.


Another shot of the Warhammer 40.000 table in the store.


Another of the demonstration tables, this one featuring models from the “islands of Blood” Warhammer box.


The Eldar models on display. AMAZING!


An Eldar Autarch and accompanying Dire Avengers.



A converted Wraithlord. Brilliant job all around!


Some Warhammer characters and a couple of limited edition White Dwarf models.


An Arachnork spider! Thing is HUGE!


And there you have it. I hope you have enjoyed this article, even if you’ve been to a couple of gaming stores in your life, I hope this article helps you remember how you felt when you first got into a gaming store, and how magic it felt. I still feel the magic these days.


I really love this hobby.


As I said this is a quick intermission, will be back with the last articles of the “Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt” soon, however in the meantime, if you haven’t checked them yet, click the links to check my articles on Mantic Games and Warlord Games.


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Over and out.




Olá Leitor!


O artigo de hoje é a versão em inglês sobre a loja da Games Workshop localizada na cidade de Bath na Inglaterra.


Você pode conferir o vídeo desde já (ele está em português), mas volte amanhã para conferir o artigo sobre essa visita.


Abraço e até breve.

  1. Lee says:

    GW Bath is my local GW – and although I haven’t played 40k in over a year, one of my friends is an ex-staffer and there is a large wargaming club based in Bath too – glad you enjoyed your visit! 🙂

    • Gereth says:

      Hi Lee!

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. Yes, I did love visiting GW Bath, great models on display and friendly staff are always a welcome adition to any hobby stores, and, of course, the city as well, where I always feel like walking through history (and I got me some fossils to boot! Yay!).

      Hope to visit again soon!


  2. greggles says:

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing.

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