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Hello Reader.


According to the bets being placed this article should see the light of day sometime around 2017, but in order to contradict the naysayers I’m publishing it today, little over a month after the Rumble in the Jungle was held. I do like to contradict prognostics.

Yes, I do know the blog has been abandoned over the course of the last few months, and that wasn’t because of a lack of topics to cover here, far from that, but the truth is I had a lot on my plate in order to prepare for the Rumble in the Jungle and those preparations consumed all my free time since may when I last published an article here.



Why bother with crossing the bridge?!



Entrenched Ultramarines.



Lobbas behind cover.






The hard life of the 40th millenium mechanic.



Objective secure.



Space Marines advance.



Battle rages in the distance.



Gun line!



Devastators occupy the high ground.


“What is this Rumble in the Jungle you keep talking about?” one of you, readers, might ask me. Well I did mention it in the blog’s fanpage on Facebook (if you haven’t liked it yet, please consider doing it now as I often post stuff I’m working on there along useful links I won’t write full articles about here), so in case you missed that let me say the Rumble in the Jungle was a Warhammer 40.000 tournament held in the city of Cuiabá in Brazil by The Painting Frog blog.


Please, allow me to go into detail here. It is no secrete for the frequent reader of the blog how much of an enthusiast I am of the “social aspect” of the wargaming hobby, being second only to my passion about miniature painting and collecting, hence why I’m also such an enthusiast of clubs and tournaments.






The Tyranids advance, indifferent to the sentinel watching them.



Blood Angels’ Land Raider.



You can never have enough guns.



Mobile artillery platform.



Out to do some mischief.






Assault Marines securing an objective.



A detatchment of Salamanders and Ultramarines.



Craftworld Saim-Hann Eldar.


Ever since I began participating actively in the Brazilian wargaming community I’ve made efforts in order to participate on the tournaments held in our country, from the original Summer and Winter Tournaments held in Rio de Janeiro to the “Fork of Mork” and “Spoon of Gork” events in São Paulo and more recently the tournaments and encounters held by the Brazilian wargaming clubs I tried to go to as many events as I could. I will often ramble about how fantastic is the experience of playing against opponents different from you habitual ones and meeting like minded people. It should also come as no surprise that a lot of my closest friends today were met in the tournaments I attended over the years in the hobby, and I did have a blast playing all of them to boot!


Even if I helped in organizing a few tournaments (helping as I could from a distance) I began thinking about organizing a tournament by my own where I lived, but what were the chances of gathering enough people for a tournament in a city where there were few of us 40K players and far away from the big cities where there’s a lot more players. Pretty slim ones you might agree with me, and that’s why that idea was kept on ice for some time. Quite some time.



Baal Predator.



Shoot at the big ones.



The Blood Angels commander tries to secure an objective by himself.



The Hive Mind adopts the concept of cover.



Ultramarine Captain..


IMG_0223_zpsgi89sgvv (1)

The Hive Tyrant attacking from behind enemy lines.



That’s a hard shelled bug.



The Tyranids advance straight into enemy gunfire.



Blood Angels form a gunline.



Blood Angels guarding the objective in their deployment zone.


As years went by I became a regular at the tournaments around Brazil, and in doing so I became close friends with a lot of people around Brazil, especially the guys from the “Clube Gaúcho de Wargames”. In one of my visits to their club they said they’d come to Cuiabá if I were to hold an event here and with that I had half of the people I’d need, but I still needed more players from my hometown.


The wargaming scene in Cuiabá has varied between “weak” and “non-existent” over the course of the years since I began in the hobby. The closest thing we had to a “golden era of wargaming” here happened when a friend called José Mendes lived here. At that time we had around seven guys with armies here that played regularly, but that didn’t last long as most of them moved away.


For a very long time the “wargaming scene” here was pretty much me and my buddy Valter playing against each other once a month. I believe some of you might relate to that experience and the only advice I can offer is that eventually the tactic of talking about your hobby with complete strangers might pay off and you’ll find yourself some adversaries. It happened to me. Eventually.



Salamander Terminators wait amidst the Tyranid structures.



The Eldar prepare to meet the Ork’s advance.



The Ultramarines that accompanied the Grey Knights secure an objective.



Space Marines occupy the high ground to face the Tyranids advancing towards them.



Ultramarine Centurions escort Draigo and a Grey Knight Librarian.



A lone Salamander terminator.



Blood Angels occupy the central plaza.



Ork advance.



Eldar Vs Orks.



Sniper shot.


So, as if the stars had suddenly aligned themselves in some auspicious configuration, the gaming group here began growing again with new players beginning armies of their own. Quite literally overnight we had what seemed like an opportune timing to hold an event here, but that meant I’d have to paint like never before.


So having enough interested people in participating and having set a date it was time to begin the hard preparation work required, and paint enough scenery pieces to set up at leats for simultaneous tables. I needed help for that task so I enlisted Ton’s. He’s one of the new players we have around here and a very accomplished painter, so he was put in charge of painting two of the gaming tables we’d use as well as some scenery pieces (much to Valter’s chagrin since he was always asking me to paint new scenery pieces for our games, but I only did that after he moved away. Sorry about that mate!).


All I can say about those months is that they flew by in a blur, I ended up painting a lot less than I had planned but, with Ton’s help (he painted up to the event’s eve) we’d have enough scenery pieces to dress our tables.



Shoot at will!



Lobbas in their standart “modus operandi” (hiding in the bushes).



Gunning down the Orks.






“Oh, what a big mouth you have got!”






Hive Tyrant also know as “Strawberry Hands”.



Space Marines.



WAAAGH, again!



Grey Knights and Ultramarines death star.


“But what about the tournament?” I’m getting to it, I just felt necessary to write a bit about what came before it.


So as I have already mentioned the “Rumble in the Jungle” happened over the course of two days, the 24th and 25th of July 2015, but the guys coming from outside town arrived on the 23rd so we began our activities with a dinner where all participants could know each other and mingle. It was nice to soak in the “pre-event” atmosphere and talk hobby stuff with cherished friends. I really couldn’t be happier about having friends over for a weekend of gaming related activities.


And so we came to the first tournament day. Friday’s morning was devoted to setting up the gaming area, the gaming tables and dressing them with the available scenery, then it was time for a quick lunch break and then it was finally time to get the dice rolling. The tournament would be disputed over the course of five rounds, two of which were played on Friday and the other 3 would happen over the course of the Saturday, following rules adapted by Monty (one of the visitors from the CGW club) from the ITC rules.



Death by Lascannons!



Monstrous creatures advance.



The Green Tide advances.



Space Marine Dreadnought .



Grey Knights!



Space Marines.



Lurking Tyranid.



Prepared to stop the Eldar.



The swarm!



Solitary witness to the massacre.


We wrapped up Friday’s games with some pizzas. The original idea was to spend the night playing board games but that was put aside and we ended up chatting for a bit before hitting bed as we’d start early on the following day.


Saturday began with each player assembling their armies to have their painting judged, after that it was time to play the 3rd round. At lunchtime our visitor had the chance to try one of my favorite dishes from the local cuisine, dried beef with rice (or as we call it “Maria Izabel”) which was cooked and “sponsored” by my mother (thanks mum!).


Having feasted on some great food (lunch was indeed delicious) we began rolling dice with renewed vigor for the two remaining rounds. We wrapped our day, and the tournament with some barbecue cooked by a good friend, and while we enjoyed great meat we also held our award ceremony presenting the winners with their prizes. Here’s how the tournament ended:



1st Place: Ismael Schroer with a Grey Knights/Ultramarines army.

2nd Place: Leonardo “Monty” with an Eldar army.

3rd Place: Marcelo Ferrari with an Ork army.



Everton “Ton” Furegatto.


BEST PAINTED ARMY (players choice):

Everton “Ton” Furegatto.


FAVORITE OPONENT (players choice):

Vitor “VoidBR” Kenner.



Cristiano “Normal”.






The event’s prizes.


Premiaccedilatildeo 30_zpsz5gygzsm

Marcelo Ferrari – 3rd place as BEST GENERAL.


Premiaccedilatildeo 7_zps3wxieuld

Leonardo Colombo – 2nd Place for BEST GENERAL.


Premiaccedilatildeo 12_zpsltwc7mra

Ismael Nicolas Schroer – 1st Place for BEST GENERAL.


Premiaccedilatildeo 15_zps9h4dshr8

Everton Furegatto – BEST PAINTED ARMY.


Premiaccedilatildeo 21_zpsphaempja

Vitor Kenner – FAVORITE OPPONENT (players choice).


Premiaccedilatildeo 23_zpsdb346hwq

Everton Furegatto – MELHOR ARMY PINTADO na escolha dos participantes.


Premiaccedilatildeo 33_zpshckxv6gg

Cristiano Normal – OVERALL CHAMPION.



Rumble in the Jungle – The gang!


In the end all the work we had in order to set up this event has been worthwhile. It was very rewarding when I stopped for a bit and got to see all my friends having fun and enjoying the weekend of gaming during the “Rumble in the Jungle”, a feeling that instills me with the desire to do further editions of this tournament here.


I’d like to thank once more all the “Rumble’s” participants. Without exception, the event was as fun as it was because of the way and spirit all of you chose how to play it. I’d also like to thank our visitor participants for taking time out of their busy routines to come such a long way to play little toy soldier wars. I’d also like to offer a special thank you to my friends and family that contributed in any way for this event to happen, and without whom I wouldn’t be able to welcome anyone to play.


To wrap this article up I leave you with the video register of the weekend.



Over and out!

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Well done on growing your local gaming group enough to run a tournament. That takes a lot of dedication and you can be proud of your efforts.

    • Gereth says:

      Hi Argentbadger!

      Thanks for the comment mate! Yes, it took a long time and a lot of effort but we’re slowly getting there. If things continue the way it is we might even have a “locals only” event before the end of the year (with smaller point cost armies to accomodate all the beginners).


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