Eldar Vs Necrons – Battle report (English version).

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Olá Leitor.


Este artigo é a versão em inglês do relato de batalha (Battle Report) de minha última partida de Warhammer 40.000 (e a última partida de 40K de 2015).


A versão em português pode ser acessada aqui. Espero que você goste.




Hello Reader!


Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa!


Yes, apparently I tend to repeat myself when it comes to apologizing to you, readers, about not updating the blog as often as I’d like, but I vouch it’s never something intentional when the lack of articles here ensues. O happen to lose the drive to write from time to time but it’s invariably the comments and good experiences arising from the blog which draws me back.

If I were one to establish goals I’d probably try to get one article published a month in 2016, however, to quote our infamous president we’ll leave our goals open, and when we meet them we’ll double them!


In order to help 2015 end with a bang and not a whizz here’s my last article for this year, a battle report chronicling my last 40K game of the year against one of the newest players in my hometown, Marcelo Guedes, and his Necrons.


As he’s just started collecting his army we played a “small” game with 800 points armies. I know some people frown upon smaller point games saying they’re a poor representation of what 40K should be but IMHO the game was as much fun as it could be had playing a wargame.


So here’s the report.




The terrible sounds of the Gauss weaponry had finally been silenced, along the last desperate screams from the populace of Cuius II.


All the habitants of the entire planet had been atomized over the course of a few days and the sepulchral silence that had fallen over the planet was now only broken by the crackling of the fires and the metallic whirring of the servos sounding while the Necron Warriors returned to their Tombships after another harvest.


Amidst the ruins of the capital, Cuia Prime, a small and still incognito detachment accompanied the retreat of the robotic warriors. The Eldar hadn’t made it in time to save the Mon-Keigh populace, but that had never been their intention. They had been sent to Cuia Prime with a single objective and now it was time to fulfill it.


As if they had responded to a mental command, the Eldar Rangers hiding in the ruins started the ambush revealing their presence as they opened fire against the Necron Phalanx. In a movement which could only be described as synchronized a small Necron force left the bigger group which kept on advancing towards their ships and moved to answer the attack.


They had taken the bait.


The Necron forces respond to the Eldar attack, advancing through the ruins of Cuia Prime.


The Eldar unleash their ambush and start advancing towards the Necrons, gunning them down with massed Starcannon fire.


While the Wraithlords and Wave Serpent open up against a unit of Necron Warriors the entrenched Guardians fire their Brightlance on the Necron Ghost Ark.


The Necrons walk towards the Eldar, some of them being rebuilt as they advanced.


Necron reinforcements arrive in the form of a unit of Deathmarks.


The Deathmarks waste no time and open fira against one of the Wraithlords, but their shots can’t penetrate the wraithbone.


The Wave Serpent pushes forward and fires against the Necron Lord in charge of the Necrons wounding it.


One of the Wraithlords engages the full strengh unit of Necron Warriors in close combat…


… while the seond one charges the weakened unit.


The Ghost Ark positions itself to lend support to both units of Warrios while ate the same time levelling their weapon battery against the Guardians.


More Necron reinforcements arrive in the form of a unit of Immortals. They open fire against the rear armour of the Wave Serpent gunning it down.


Without being able to fire against the Wraithlords the Deathmarks open fire against the Guardians in the bunker.


The Annihilation Barge fired against the Dire Avengers that had just disembarked from their crashed Wave Serpent..


After firing against them, the Necron Lord charged the Dire Avengers.


Combat rages on as bothe Wraithlords realize they’ve been dragged into a tarpit, as the Warriors each of them downs each turn rebuild themselves almost instantly.


The Deathmarks emerge unscathed from the massed fire from the Eldar Guardians and shoot them back causing casualties.


Having eliminated the Wave Serpent threat the Immortalsturn their Tesla guns towards the Guardians.


In a strike of luck the Wraithlord was able to bring down a significant number of Warriors, making them falter and eliminating them while they attempted to retreat from combat.


Finally free from the Necron Warriors the Wraithlord turned its attention to the Ghost Ark finally bringing it down.


Having lost their nerve after the heavy casualties inflicted by the massed Necron firre arrayed against them the Guardians legged it out of the battlefield.


Having dealt with the Guardians the Deathmarks and the Immortals began repositioning.


The Wraithlord also dispatched the Annihilation Barge, while the seond of them finally got rid of the last Warriors. Both of them converged towards the protracted fight betwenn the Necron Lord and the Dire Avengers.


After rounds of gruesome combat where neither of them could claim a clear advantage the Dire Avengers Exarch was finally able to bring the Necron Lord down.


With their assistance no longer needed in close combat the Wraithlords were freed to pursue the remaining Necron threats. The first of them advanced towards the Deathmarks opening up against them with its Starcannons…


… while the second attacked the Immortals.


The surviving Deathmarks try to find a better angle…


… and try to bring a Wraithlord down, but again they weren’t able to penetrate the tough wraithbone.


The Wraithlord advances once more bringing another two Deathmarks down.


At the same time the Immortals were annihilated by the combined fire from the Wraithlord and the remaining Dire Avengers.


The Necrons had been reduced to piles of fuming scrap metal by the Starcannons mounted on the Wraithlords. The barrels of those weapons were still incandescent after so many shots, and thus the wraithbone constructs had to hunt down the remaining Deathmark and finish it with blows from their Ghostglaives.


The Eldar hadn’t emerged unscathed from the confrontation, and the few surviving warriors now performed the grim task of recovering the spirit stones of those who had perished.


The Dire Avenger exarch approached the Farseer who watched the Necrom Tombships rise slowly from the planet’s surface. He carried in hands, with a mix of care and reverence, a spherical part which emitted a pulsating green light.


– “Did he have an orb?” asked the Farseer without averting his eyes from the Necrontyr ships.

– “Yes Farseer” replied the exarch while kneeling and extending his hands offering the spherical object to the Farseer. Ha had removed it from the remains of the Necron leader, shortly after having decapitated it minutes ago.

– “Bring me the containment tank supplied by the Mon-Keigh” the Farseer ordered the returning Guardians. Ashamed for having retreaded from the battlefield they rapidly disappeared into the downed Wave Serpent’s cargo hold.

– “Why should we deliver the orb to the Mon-Keigh, Farseer? Especially to the priests of their Machine God” asked the exarch, visibly aggravated.

The Guardians came out of the crashed vehicle carrying a transparent cylinder sealed in its extremities with pressurized caps. It was almost a foot long and was partially covered in strips of parchment paper held in place by red wax. Over the pressurized caps there was an effigy depicting a Mon-Keigh skull with one of its halves replaced by a mechanic version of itself.

– “Because that’s our part in the nefarious bargain we’ve struck my friend” answered the Farseer as he slipped the orb inside the cylinder, which in turn hissed as it sealed itself with the pulsating orb floating inside.




And that’s it for now folks! I hope you have enjoyed the report. I’d also like to thank each of you readers of the blog wishing you a very happy New Year, may you be blessed with good health and fulfill your objectives.


See you soon!


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