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Hello Reader.


Preparations for the second Rumble in the Jungle event “Rumble in the Jungle II – The Mission” are well underway as me and my friends in the “Clube Cuiabano de Wargames and Boardgames” (CCWB – our local war gaming and board gaming club) continue to work on the new projects we’ll feature this year to welcome the participants for another weekend of gaming and fun.


As the event’s date draws ever nearer (it will happen in the 23rd and 24th of July 2016 in the city of Cuiaba in Brazil) it’s inevitable to look back and remember how enjoyable and rewarding it was to host the event and gather friend around the cherished hobbies of war gaming and board gaming.

I have already published an article here on the blog about the 1st Rumble in the Jungle (you can click the link to check it out), however, rummaging through the files on my PC I came across a few unpublished pictures from that weekend, registering not only the event, but the atmosphere that permeated the entire weekend, including the Sunday where we gathered again to talk, reminisce, tidy everything up, and, of course, play games.


With less time than I wished to write a proper article this month, as I must finish some scenery pieces and the new army I’m working on for the event, I’ll take this opportunity to finally publish those pictures sharing them with you, remembering how the original event was, and imagining what lies ahead.


Without further ado, the pictures:


The jungle table in the Rumble in the Jungle.


The Tyranid start consuming a world.

City table, one of the favorite from the event’s atendees.

Chaos corrupts yet another planet on this table.

My first game in the event was against Ismael and his combined forces of Ultramarines and Grey Knight. This was his “Death Star” and it proved extremelly difficult to fight against.


The “Imperium’s Finest” playing the hiding game.


Ultramarines taking cover in the wreck of a Chimera.

My own Eldar hiding away.


Eldar Guardians taking cover in the treeline.


A Falcon.


Wave Serpent and Wraithlord seen advancing here.


The Wave Serpent seeks cover behind a huge statue.


The Fire Dragons disembark from the Falcon trying to counter the Grey Knights advance.


Taking aim.


Ain’t no river wide enough…


The Eldar welcoming committee.


Dire Avengers ready to unleash their fusillade.


Great place for an objective.


Striking Scorpions in their nest (I forgot them behind the terrain for most of the game).


Impervious to all fire, the Death Star advances.


My second game was against Marcelo’s Orks on the Chaos table. Here the Wraithlord is seen seeking higher ground.


A shot from the entire table after our deployment.


The Eldar refused a flank and deployed “en masse” on one of the corners.


The Farseer emerges from a cave to lead his men (or eldar) in battle.


An Ork trukk.


Ork Boys in cover.


The entire Ork army surges forward in their first turn.


The battlewagon advances.


The Wraithlord sniping the battlewagon.


Ork Kommandos enter behind enemy lines.


Not even an unbound energy vortex gave pause to the ork’s advance.


The green wasn’t in the threes.


Dire Avengers show their bravery disembarking in the thick of the fighting.


After delivering its payload of Dire Avengers the Wave Serpent flies away.


The Eldar move to counter the Kommandos.


War Walkers move into the table from reserves aiming at the rea of the battlewagon.


The combined firing obliterates the Kommandos eliminating their threat.


It was a tense game against the Orks and a marginal win for the Eldar.


On a nearby table, Monty’s Eldar faced off against Ton’s Blood Angels.


Blood Angels advancing through the empty streets.


The Land Raider is fired upon by the Wraithguard.


The Blood Angels seek cover in the ruins of an old building.


Imperial relics and ruins.



On another table Vitor’s Tyranids fought against Normal’s Space Marines. They were the only ones to complete the challenge proposed in the series “A Tale of X Gamers” here on the blog.


A Gaunt advances towards one of the objectives.


More Gaunts advancing…


… towards the guns of the Space Marines.


Plenty of Hive Nodes drive the Tyranids ever forward.


The Captain leads his men from the front lines.


The Hive Tyrand t sweeps in behind enemy lines.


A fratricide battle as Salamanders clash against the Ultramarines.


The Blood Angels bring down an Eldar Wave Serpent.


But the Blood Angels also paid a steep price losing their Land Raider.


Burn baby, burn!


Burn, Baby burn – part 2!


Having lost their battlewagon, Ghazkull and his Nobz vent their rage and frustration on the War Walkers.


The Space Marines occupy positions in the destroyed city.


The tanks form a gunline.


And Devastators occupy the high ground.


The Eldar hide.


Every rock a fortress against the Space Marine guns.


Dire Avengers.


Both sides advance towards each other.


The Rhino finds itself the target of the Eldar.


It is quickly wrecked obligating the disembarcation of its passengers.


The tanks take their share of the firing as well.




Fire Dragons and Striking Scorpions enter the battlefield behind enemy lines.


Right where the problem is.


The Space Marines answer to the Eldar’s arrival.


Devastators carefully take aim…


… and fire at the advancing Wraithlords.


On Sunday those still in town gathered again.


Some went with boardgames…


… facing monsters in some forgotten dungeon in the Descent game.


The game unfolding.


In the meantime, Normal’s Space Marines got to see more action, this time against Hugo’s Imperial Guard.


Some Guardsmen deployed near a cave.


Assault Space Marines dealing with a couple of Sentinels.


A Valkyrie swoops in.


Things start looking hairy.


If you haven’t done so yet, by clicking the link at the beginning of this article, please do check out our original article about the 1st Rumble in the Jungle. There’s more photos there and even video.


And I guess that’s it! If this was a sponsored post I could end with “great times are coming” (great product placement opportunity wasted Budweiser), but for the time being I’ll stick to my traditional “over and out”.


Over and out!


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