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Este artigo é a versão em inglês do nosso relato sobre o 2º Rumble in the Jungle. Você pode conferir a versão em português clicando aqui.




Hello Reader.


The Rumble in the Jungle event was born from an idea that always seemed rather far fetched to me: organizing a wargaming tournament where I lived.


Today, after the most recent edition of the “Rumble in the Jungle” the idea might not sound so out of place, but back then when it first occured to me it was difficult to believe that anyone would come to Cuiabá (the capital city  of the State of Mato Grosso, pretty far from the main city centers in Brazil) to play a wargaming event, especially twice. I couldn’t be happier to be proved wrong



I’ve already told a little about how the Rumble in the Jungle events came to be when I wrote about the 1st Rumble in the Jungle, so I will try not to repeat myself here (you can always click the link above to read my original article, or check this one for more pictures of that event)  but I must mention that this desire to one day host a tournament was born with the warm and amicable reception of like minded gamers around Brazil in the events I once participated in (and that I often encourage my readers to take part on).


A silent witness to the coming battles.


Imperial ruins.


The necrons move under the watcher’s gaze.


An Imperial Square. Is that statue a pokestop?


Salamanders Land Raider. Painted a long time ago, still one of my favourite paintjobs.


Salamanders’ Attack Bikes move to storm the Necron positions.


A lonely Salamander Terminator…


… watches over the entrenched Salamanders.


Crossroads recured.


Land Raider provides cover.


Another crossroads, albeit a disputed one.


Necron forces occupying the crossroad.


Necron Tomb Blades.


A speeding Tomb Blade.


The Space Marines respond to the Necron advance.


a Canoptek Spyder and its Scarab Swarms.


The Salamanders mount a gunline under the trees.


Aerial view of the combat in the square.


Aerial support.


An Ultramarines’ victim of the Necron Harvest.


The Necron Overlord directs its troops from a landing pad.


The Salamanders find themselves the targets of the Overlord.


A mighty Imperial gun.


The Overlord.


Salamander terminators anchor the Space Marines’ line.


The Necron Ghost Ark enhances nearby troops.


The Ark also provides covering fire to the Tomb Blades’ advance.


The Spyder advances towards the Space Marines.


A Space Marine sergeant directs his troop’s efforts from the Land Raider.


I think that this desire to organize events and tournaments has a lot to do with liking being the group’s host, welcoming friends for gatherings, worrying about their well being and ofering them moments of fun and enertainment, even if being the host often entails a lot of work. I believe that was always the “hidden vibe” behind hosting the original Rumble, while also trying to repeat a lot of the camaraderie and fun of the events held in Rio and São Paulo back in the day, and most recently in Curitiba and in Porto Alegre by local clubs and friends.



If I had to chosse a motto for the Rumble events it would probably be “TO WELCOME FRIENDS FOR A WEEKEND OF GAMING AND FUN” (it’s probably a rather long motto, I know). That’s probably why the first event was so fun, even if quite a few of us participating in it had never even played a single game of Warhammer 40.000’s 7th Edition, as the atmosphere on that weekend was one of fun, socializing and confraternization. Participants had so much fun that they surprised me asking “When will the next one be?” at the end.



A Knight of House Drakkonen strides into combat.


And the Tyranids consume yet another world.


The markings of war.


The Dark Angels fight resolutely.


“Our weapons are useless!”


The Ravenwing tries to outflank the Knights.


Wreckage being consumed.


The Kraken, a Freeblade knight, fights an Admech Knight serving alongside the Dark Angels.


The proud symbols of House Raven.


The battered hull of the Kraken. No one knows the pilot inside.


Speeding Ravenwing.


A lone Librarian.


Blue behemoth.


The Dark Angels Predator tries to cool its lascannons.


The Dark Angel Librarian is seen here minutes before being obliterated.


A squad of Dark Angels disembarks from its Rhino…


… to watch giants fighting.


I must admit being surprised by the question at that time, as the idea had always been to host ONE event/tournament, but if the participants had liked it so much and asked for more, I wouldn’t be the one to deny them what they were asking for.


To tell the truth a lot of the groundwork for a second edition was already laid, as the tables and scenery prepared to dress them would still serve, but the idea was to improve and make the 2nd Rumble an even better event.


It has been mentioned here that one unforeseen consequence of the original Rumble was galvanizing me my friends under the banner of a gaming club, the CCWB, so I’d have the advantage of counting on them as co-organizers this time.


So that’s how the 2nd edition of the Rumble in the Jungle, “Rumble in the Jungle II – The Mission” came to be.


Like the last time I was fortunate enough to have friends volunteering to the task ahead. The first step was to come up with the rules we’d use and my mate Leonardo “Monty” stepped up and took it upon himself to translate and adapt the  ITC 2016 rules. I also recruited the help of  Luiz Guilherme “Babu”,  Ivan, Valter, Marcelo Guedes and Everton “Ton”, who helped with many practical things we had to do, and things quickly started to take shape.


The eerie skull rocks sprouting from the ground.


The Dragon Knights Space Marines vent their fury upon the Imperial Guard.


Dragon Knights riding bikes.


The ground was littered with the skulls of the slain.


Odly shaped rocks abounded on the battlefield…


… watching the carnage that unfolded.


Dragon Knights disembarking from their Rhino transport.


A Valkyrie swoops in bringing veterans to the fray.


The Chimera uses a bastion for cover.


In the distance the Dragon Knights speed by on their bikes.


A gunner takes aim.


A bastion scarred by time.




Guardsmen rush to secure a crashed Aquilla Lander.


The Dragon Knights also converge on the crashed Aquilla Lander.


Dragon Knights occupy a fortification on the battlefield.


“Man the gates!”


The crashed lander’s beacon pulsed with green light…


… becoming a focal point in the battlefield.


The captain in charge of the Dragon Knights is accompanied by other warriors on bikes.


Ordnance ready to welcome the advancing Space Marines.


A Punisher Leman Russ lends assistance guarding the Manticore.


The Imperial Aquila adorns a bridge.


Veterans try to make it accross the bridge…


…. covered in their advance by a Basilisk.


“Prepare the macro cannon!” or “Is that eagle happy to see us?”.






One of the novelties we’d have on the 2nd Rumble in the Jungle would be sponsors who sent us prizes to be raffled among the participants ensuring no one would be left empty handed. We’d like to thank Mayra from the Lúdica board game store; Matheus from Mattos Box; Paulo from Louvada;  Silvio from the  Roleplay store; Marlon from the “Evil Fluffy Creatures” blog,  André “Streem” from ReLOAD,  Dan from the “Doc’s Discount Games Store” (even if your packages never got here Dan, I appreciate your effort!) and finally,  Ton from the “Ton 40K” painting studio.


The trophies and prizes that would be raffled.


Two boardgames sent by the Lúdica board game store.


A close up on some of the prizes.


A classic confrontation model sent by Silvio from the Roleplay store.


Some blisters also sent by the Roleplay store.


Miniature bases from Micro Art and one more Confrontation Blister, also sent by the Roleplay store.


And yet another pack of custom bases form Micro Art, sent by the Roleplay store.


A Dobble board game sent by Lúdica.


The “Encantados” boadr game sent by Lúdica.


This time around the Rumble had eight participants, six local players (André Mancini, Charlie, Hugo, Luis Carlos, Marcelo Guedes and myself) and two visitors (Felipe Castelo from Rio de Janeiro and Vitor Kenner from Rio Grande do Sul) while also having the illustrious visit from André “Streem”. André was supposed to play, but he left one of his bags containing his models (and some booze) at home, but he promptly donned the mantle of tournament organizer (following in Monty’s footsteps from last time and probably creating a tradition) and conducted our gaming during the weekend.


A Razorwing Jetfights prowls the skies with its payload of missiles looking for the soft spot on the Imperial Knights’ armor.


The Knights of House Drakkonen, with the assistance of the Freeblade known as Kraken, take on the Dark Eldar.


The Razorwing aquires a target lock.


Another mute witness to carnage.


Dark Eldar Kabalites advance.


The Kabalite warriors seem eager to die.


Dark Eldar Raiders advance carrying more Kabalites into the fight.


Deadly dark lances fire against the Knights.


An eldritch throne sits upon skull shaped rocks emanating evil energies.


A Homunculus accompanied by its creations.


Dark Eldar Wracks.


Gathered in a circle the Wracks aparently summon evil energies from the fluid vials adorning them before joining the fray.


The Talos Pain Engine basks in the evil energies emanating from the throne.


Dark Eldar Venom.


Ruined statues dot the battlefield.


A jetbiker swoops over the river, ignoring the bridge.


A close-up on the Kabalites.


The  Warhammer 40.000 trounament was played over the course of five rounds, distributed on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of July 2016 (Saturday and Sunday), while at the same time we also had some very lively board gaming tables that continued into the night.


Besides the prizes raffled amongst the participants, the Rumble 2 event offered prizes for the best 3 players in the categories of BEST GENERAL and BEST PAINTED ARMY, and a trophy for the OVERALL CHAMPION of the event, chosen by adding the scores achieved in both previous categories. At the end of the event these were the results:



1st Place – FELIPE CASTELO – Space Marines

2nd Place – ESTEVÃO “Gereth” – Imperial Knights

3rd Place – HUGO “KAMPA” COSTA – Imperial Guard

4th Place – Marcelo Guedes – Necrons

5th Place – André Mancini – Dark Angels

6th Place – Vitor Kenner – Dark Eldar

7th Place – Charlie Scalabrin – Space Marines

8th Place – Luis Carlos “Malek” – Imperial Guard



1st Place – VITOR KENNER – Dark Eldar

2nd Place – ESTEVÃO “Gereth” – Imperial Knights

3rd Place – HUGO “KAMPA” COSTA – Imperial Guard

4th Place – Marcelo Guedes – Necrons



Estevão “Gereth” – Imperial Knights


We’ve also awarded prizes for two categories voted by the participants: BEST PAINTED ARMY (PLAYERS CHOICE) and FAVORITE OPONENT and this time both prizes were won by Vitor Kenner.


A converted Helldrake…


… Was sent by the “Evil Fluffy Creatures” blog to be raffled.




The GOLDEN BOLT PISTOL, the prize awarded to the OVERALL CHAMPION winner. It was custom made by Mattos Box.


Another view from the trophies. They were custom made for the event by Ton from the TON 40K STUDIO.


Purity seals awarded for the FAVORITE OPONENT and BEST PAINTED ARMY (PLAYERS CHOICE) winners.


The Purity Seals were also made by TON 40K STUDIO.


Bolter Rounds, crafted by Mattos Box and sent to be raffled among the participants.


A model depicting the event’s logo was painted by TON 40K STUDIO and also raffled among the participants.


In the end, after another grat weekend of gaming, entertaining conversation, very tasty food I believe the “Rumble in the Jungle II – The Mission”, repeated the success of its previous edition, delivering to all who participated in it a rewarding hobby experience while at the same time creating new bonds of friendship and strenghening existing ones.


To wrap this up I’d like to thank once more all the people involved in making the 2nd Rumble the great event it was. My heartfelt thanks to Leonardo “Monty”,  Ivan,  Valter,  Guedes,  Ton and to Babu for making themselves available to work in organizing the tournament; my heartfelt thanks once again to our sponsors: Mayra from Lúdica; Matheus from Mattos Box; Paulo from Louvada; Silvio from Roleplay; Marlon from the “Evil Fluffy Creatures” blog,  André “Streem” from ReLOAD, Dan from “Doc’s Discount Games Store” and, one more time,  Ton and his “Ton 40K Studio”.


I’d also like to thank all our participants, without whom holding a gaming tournament would be moot, but I’d also like to thank especially our visitors Felipe, Vitor and André who came from distant cities to spend the weekend with us. You’ll always be welcome here.


And finally, but not less important, I’d like to thank our photographer,   Vinicius “Ogro”, who attended the event on Sunday without charging us a single penny to shoot the photographs that illustrate this article. Thanks A LOT brother.


I wrap this article feeling great about having organized the 2nd Rumble in the Jungle, and if you’re wondering if we’ll have a 3rd, I can assure you we’ll find out soon enough.


Over and out and thanks for reading this far.

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