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Hello Reader.


It’s been a while since I’ve last published a battle report here, so I decided to take pictures on a recent game against my mate Babu in order to write about it here.

Babu is a friend in my hometown that has expressed an interest both in wargaming and in painting and collecting miniatures, so in the aftermath of the Rumble 2 event I invited him for a game where I would introduce the main concepts of Warhammer 40.000 trying to reel him into the hobby for good. This would also be the opportunity Id try an Eldar list aimed at defeating the Imperial Knights I used the Rumble 2, but as there was a lot of subtleties to it I thought it would be a nice idea to let Babu use the Knights.


So, without further ado, here’s what transpired:




Even at the height of its hottest period, Ossiria VII was still covered with ice and snow, but the warmer temperatures and weaker winds allowed the Imperial installations to be seen through the pict feed captured by the lances of the servo skulls and transmitted from the surface to the ship awaiting in orbit.


If the “Imperial Scourge” had arrived a few months in advance, deployment of Imperial forces would be carried out blindly as the sub-zero temperatures coupled with the intense snowstorms would make the capture of pict feeds through deployed servo skulls impossible. Even the orbital lenses and augury sensor systems from the spacecraft would prove futile in probing Ossiria VII’s cover of frost during its “shadow season”, when its eliptical trajectory would take it away from the warming rays of its star, and when ice and gale would strip a man, leaving only bare bone and blood stains on the ice.


However, the hand of the good Emperor had been laid upon the ship guiding the “Imperial Scourge” through the maelstrom of the warp, allowing the spacecraft to emerge from that parallel dimension in what apparently was the best season to conduct their mission, but they were already too late.


The pict feed sent from the surface showed the Imperial installations on the planet were still relatively intact and functioning, evidenced by the blinking emergency lighting and the distress signal being broadcasted every few minutes. All that despite the obvious signs of recent violence like spent shell casings, scorch marks on the buildings and hastily erected barricades, but not a single clue of the whereabouts of the populace was to be found by the prowling servo skulls. No technicians, servitors, miners or soldiers of the Imperial Guard where nowhere to be found.


Pict feed would often get obscured as the light breeze blew ice crystals over the lenses of the servo skulls searching the installation known as the”Jewel of Ossiria”, that housed planetary administration, mine regulation office and the XXIII Cadian( the regiment in charge of planetary defense). Servo skull IV seemed particularly prone to the misting of its lenses, certainly an issue of the thermo regulators, demanding the constant use of the cleaning systems housed around the lens housing.


” – Freeze that image” ordered the captain of the “Imperial Scourge”, the Rogue Trader Aleah Ivornis. Tall and lean, her thin face was framed by locks of her red hair, her slightly hooked nose and scar on her left cheek detracted nothing from her beauty. She was indeed beautiful despite her age, a consequence of the expensive rejuvenat treatments she subjected herself to routinely. As she watched the images flickering on the green tinted screen she rested her hand on the aquila shaped pommel of her blade, drumming her fingers there in anticipation.


The technician obeyed her promptly, Aleah Ivornis received from her subjects respect and obedience as uncommon asthe fact of a woman holding the title of Rogue Trader, a position normally held by the older children of the lineages of adventurers and space merchants under service to the Empire of Men. As she gazed upon the frozen picture Aleah couldn’t hold back a sigh of frustration as nothing could be gleamed from it since servo skull IV had dusted his lenses yet again at that exact moment obscuring the image. Not even the subsequent processing and further enhancing produced any discernible feature able to confirm if the captain indeed had seen any movement or if the wind played a trick on her eyes.


” – Gather the servo skulls” she commanded once more ” – We’ve learned all we could learn from orbit” she concluded standing straight and walking towards the access door to the command bridge ” – Compile the pict feed sent by the servo skulls and transmit them immediately to Knight Baron Voltorius” with her hand upon the console and with a smile on her face she added ” – Ah! Add a personal note in my name stating I await Voltorius in my chambers in order to discuss the deployment of his Knights”.




The cold didn’t bother her as much as the wind. Even if at that moment there was only a slight breeze blowing, the snowflakes disturbed by it had the nasty habit of falling upon her eyes, throwing her aim off and obligating her to wear a mask. The mask clouded her senses and she hated it as much as the wind.


The rudimentary Mon’Keigh constructs were returning to the capsule that brought them to the surface, bleeping which meant she’d soon have the opportunity for a single well placed shot. When all the noisy skulls had approached the capsule, the most ornate among them, sporting golden parts and a gold eagle on its forefront, emitted a beam of scarlet light at the same time it emitted a stream of gibberish through a vox caster.


“Machine language” Yereleth thought, as she shouldered her rifle. The doors to the capsule opened with a hiss and puffing vapor clouds slowly lowering themselves to the ground. The skulls wasted no time and as the doors opened they flew in busily buzzing like ferrowasps until they berthed themselves on cradles marked with Mon’Keigh symbols.


Yereleh didn’t need much time to locate the cradle marked with the “IV” symbol, upon which rested the Mon’Keigh construct still oblivious to the small explosive charge the Ranger had planted on it moments later. Obeying a new command from the gilded skull the doors started to close. “This will be a shot in a million” thought Yereleth with a smile as she aimed through the ever diminishing gap between door and capsule.


The shot made no sound, silenced by the mufflers inside the Eldar rifle, penetrating the capsule in the split second before its doors closed fully and hitting the explosive charge placed upon the servo skull. The ensuing explosion was maximized by the capsule’s closed doors and vaporized everything inside it while also tossing the wrecked capsule on top of a nearby container immediately torching the combustible cargo.


Yereleth watched the conflagration until the last flames died, making sure none of the constructs would escape, then, she hung her rifle on her shoulder and whistling an old song about the maiden worlds she began the long walk towards the Eldar encampment where the rest of the war party awaited. She would need inform the Farseer that the Mon’Keigh were on their way as he had foreseen.


Foreseeing the harsh reponse from the Mon’Keigh after the destruction of their archaic probes the Eldar assume positions on the battlefield preparing an ambush. A unit of Guardians occupy a defensive position around an Imperial bastion.


An old “Tocheaux” pattern communications tower is occupied by a second group of Guardians. From the top the Farseer would accompany battle using his psychic gifts to enhance his Eldar.


While the Wraithlords occupy the hastily erected Mon’Keigh barricades, a Falcon lurks behind the cover offered by the communication tower.


The Eldar wait to unleash their trap.


The landing barges had dropped to the surface at a certain distance from the “Jewel of Ossiria” and the transport of the Knights of House Drakkonen over the last few kilometers would be carried out by Sky Talons from the Imperial Navy. Maneuvering among the buildings the first to be dropped was Knight Baron Voltorius.


The other Sky Talons soon deployed another two Knights from House Drakkonen and the Freeblade known as Kraken that accompanied them.


As soon as the Knights touched down the Eldar prepared to unleash their ambush…


… however, realizing the ambush set up by the filthy xenos, in a quick and decisive move (also known as begginer’s luck) the Knights seize the initiative and attack first.


The Knights had some ground to cover before getting to grips with the Eldar.


Baron Voltorius wasted no time and advanced towards enemy positions.


The Baron was closely followed by one of his Knights.


While the Baron and a Knight advanced in the center, the Freeblade and the second Drakkonen Knight launched a pincer move against the Eldar Wave Serpent.


Stopping their advance momentarily, the Knights open fire against the Guardians occupying the bastion and against the Wave Serpent.


The Wave Serpent is brutally hit by a few shots.


Surprising the Wave Serpent, the Knight coming from behind the fortification rapidly fires his cannon…


… destroying the Wave Serpent and obligating its passengers to disembark.


Shaken by the sheer volume of fire, the demoralized Guardians flee from the battlefield.


Recovering for having lost the initiative the Eldar prepare their retribution. THe fleeing Guardians regroup and return to their defensive positions.


Realizing the dire peril they were in, the Fire Dragons waste no time and fire upon the nearby Knight…


… destroying it in a hail of Fusion Gun shots along the Exarch’s Firepike. The ensuing cataclysmic explosion narrowly missing them.


The remaining Knights seem distraught by the sudden loss of one of their number and re-evaluate their strategy.


The Kraken advances and fires its mighty Thermal Cannon against the Fire Dragons, however, they manage to hide behind cover and only a single one of them dies.


The other Knights continue advancing, trusting their shields to protect them, and fire upon the Eldar.


One of them fires against the Wraithlord…


… while the second one fires upon the Falcon.


Realizing the Knights approached their positions fast, the Eldar decide to bring reinforcements in. The Wasp Assault Walkers use their propulsion systems to deploy behind the Knight lines.


The Eldar concentrate on the threat posed by Baron Voltorius and destroy him with concentrated Brightlance fire.


With the premature demise of the Baron leading the assault on their lines, the Assault Walkers and the Fire Dragons turn their attention to the Kraken.


The Fire Dragons shot first, damaging the Kraken’s thick hull…


… then, the Wasp Assault Walkers wrapped up the job destroying the Kraken. The explosion throws flaming debris against the walkers, but they suffer no damage from it.


The last Knight wonders what to do next…


… while the Eldar assume better positions to bring him down.


As the last remaining Knight was pummeled by the massed fire from the Brightlances from the Eldar under his command, the Farseer retreated from battle, walking down the snow covered slope towards the Ranger that returned from her own mission.


” – How was battle, Farseer?” asked Yereleth barely containing her enthusiasm ion her voice.

” – As predicted, young Yereleth” answered the Farseer ” – What about your task?”

” – Succesfull ancient one. The Mon’keigh have found something while digging for ore in a place further north of here, and since finding it they’ve relocated all their workforce there. All the other mines are empty”.

” – Let the others know we’ll depart in two cycles. We need to ascertain this dig site before the Mon’Keigh return in strength”.

” – Yes…” A huge explosion beyond the hill formed snow interrupted Yereleth. She looked at the Farseer, her eyes longing for permission, to which he assented  with his head before continuing his return to the cam. Yereleth ran uphill, her footsteps leaving imperceptible marks on the snow, she got to the top just in time to watch the destruction of the Mon’Keigh warmachine, while the remaining Eldar cheered the unlikely victory.




And I guess that’s it for today.


Over and out!



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