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“If you could make God bleed, people would cease to believe in him, there will be blood in the water, the sharks will come” – Ivan Vanko in Iron Man II.   Hello there!   It’s been a little over four months since we first broke out the word about Games Workshop’s embargo on sales […]

Hello there. It’s finally refreshing to have good news to share with you people. Wayland Games has finally issued a comment about the whole Games Workshop embargo situation thing. Here it is: Hi Everyone,   Before we start, if you’d allow me to present a little background about Wayland before we get into the meat […]

Hello there. It appears that Games Workshop has indeed taken notice of the turmoil raging over the internet about its announced embargo to countries outside the E.U. Mark Wells, chief executive for Games Workshop, publicly answered an email of a concerned hobbyist explaining why GW would enforce such a policy: +++ Dear Anthony,    Thanks […]

Hello there. It’s been a day and now pretty much everyone already knows about the latest blow dealt by Games Workshop against its own costumer base outside Europe. If you haven’t heard it yet I’ll summarize it for you: GW has enacted new terms and conditions to independent retailers located in Europe thus preventing said […]

Hello there. I’m sad to inform that the rumours have been true. From now on Independent Stockists in Europe will no longer be able to sell Games Workshop’s products to countries outside the European Community. This is even bigger than first announced as it means Canada, and the United States of America will also be […]

Hello there. We’ve just received a bit of reassuring news from another store which, like Maelstrom, highly regards its customers wherever they might be. We’ve contacted Wayland Games earlier in the week in order to check whether or not there was any substance to the rumour circulating that GW would indeed forbid indie stores based […]

I’ve just heard through the grapevine a piece of news which makes me feel like I’m back to Colonialism times. Back then the great empires of the time ruled the world determining trade routes and the flow of commerce itself. Back then, if you were a colony, the empire to which you belonged determined who […]

  Olá Leitor.   Para conferir a versão em português deste artigo clique aqui.   +++   Hello Reader!   If you’re one of our followers on Facebook you’ve probably noticed we have been covering the return of Games Workshop to Brazil by means of a new distributor. We first broke the news back in […]

  Hello Reader.   To check the English version of this article, please, click here.   +++   Olá Leitor.   Se você nos acompanha no Facebook e lê regularmente nosso blog deve ter acompanhado toda a cobertura que fizemos sobre o retorno da Games Workshop ao Brasil através de um novo distribuidor. Demos o […]