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  Hello Reader.   Today’s article is the Portuguese version of the article published here on the blog yesterday, featuring our visit to the Games Workshop store located in Bath in the UK.   Do check it out today if you missed it by any reason.   Over and out.   +++   Salve Leitor! […]

  Hello Reader.   We’ll have a quick break on the series of articles chronicling my visit to the city of Nottingham and the wargaming companies based there to see something different today.   One the things I have learned over the years is to cherish the little things we take for granted, like well […]

  Hello there.   This is the Portuguese version of our article published here yesterday about our visit to Warlord Games, a wargaming and miniature company based in Nottingham in the UK. If you missed that please check it out.   Over and out.

  Hello there.   As I have mentioned in the first article in this series I’ve taken advantage of a trip to England in January 2014 to visit a few wargame companies based in the city of Nottingham, affectuously known as Britain’s “Lead Belt” a clear reference to the many companies in the wargaming business […]

  Hello Reader.   Mantic Games. The name should sound familiar by now for anyone who’s into the hobby of collecting, painting and (or) playing miniature games and wargames as by now Mantic is the powerhouse behind not one, but six very successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter.   Kings of War; Dreadball; Deadzone; Loka (which […]

  Hello Reader!   I’ve recently had the opportunity of travelling once more to the UK and decided to take advantage of that to visit once more the city of Nottigham in England’s East Midlands.   Yes, the name might, and should ring a bell as this is the very same city whose infamous sheriff […]

  Olá Leitor.   Esta é a versão em inglês da segunda parte do artigo “Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt: Warhammer World”. Você pode encontrar a versão em português aqui:   “Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt – Warhammer World (versão em português) – Parte 2”.   Até logo! +++   Hello Reader!   Fulfilling my promise here’s […]

  Hello Reader.   This is the Portuguese version of the 2nd part of the article “Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt: Warhammer World”. You can read the English version here:   “Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt – Warhammer World – Part 2.”   Over and out! +++   Salve Leitor!   Cumprindo a promessa segue a segunda parte […]

  Hello Reader!   This is the article everyone could see coming from a mile away, but it ended up taking me more than a year to write this. It seems I’m perfecting the art of taking a while to write articles here on the blog.   Joking aside I do have a gestating period […]

  Salve Leitor!   Este é o artigo que todo mundo sabia que eu teria que publicar aqui, mas que levou mais de um ano para nascer. É parece que eu estou me aperfeiçoando cada vez mais na arte de me enrolar para publicar novos artigos aqui no blog.   Acontece que cada artigo aqui […]