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Hello Reader!


This is the Portuguese version of the article about the “hairspray weathering” technique published here today. You can check the link for the English version.


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Olá Leitor!


O ritmo de preparativos para o “Rumble in the Jungle II – A Missão” está intenso e na esteira de todos os outros preparativos acabei trabalhando em mais algumas peças de cenário para as mesas do evento.


Quem acompanha nossa página no Facebook, ou ainda nossa conta no Instagram, já teve algumas prévias dos novos cenários em que andamos trabalhando, e por conta disso algumas pessoas nos perguntaram como foi que conseguimos o resultado de envelhecimento (weathering) nos prédios cujas fotos andamos publicando.




Olá Leitor.


Esta é a versão em inglês do artigo sobre a técnica de pintura conhecida como “Técnica do Laquê” (“Hairspray Weathering” em inglês). Para conferir a versão em português você pode clicar o link.


Abraço e até breve.




Hello Reader.


Preparations for the “Rumble in the Jungle II – A Missão” continue very much like the series of famous Hollywood movies: Fast and furious.


In between all the miriad things involved in running a tournament I also took the time to work on some new scenery pieces to dress our tables for the event. If you’re following our Facebook page or our Instagram account you’ve probably seen a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on, and because of the photos we’ve published on the aforementioned social media outlets, we have received a few requests to share how we went about weathering some of the scenery pieces we’ve been working on.



Hey there Reader.


It’s been a good while since I’ve written a proper painting tutorial in order to share with you guys here on the blog.


I believe that in order to improve our painting skills we should strive to leave our comfort zone whenever possible and there’s this technique I had wanted to try for a long time called “Salt Weathering” which, to sum up, consists of using your every day kitchen salt to as a mask when painting, but that, thus far, I hadn’t found an opportunity to try.


The nice thing about this technique is that it produces irregular patches which can be really useful to simulate paint wearing off from surfaces. Given that I wanted to go with a weathered look for my Outpost Kit (reviewed here the other day) I decided it was time to give the technique a try.