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Well guys I’m back to my Tau Army. They’ve been on hold for a couple of months now and I blame that on “adult life”, being too lazy to work on them and my disappointment with 40K, however, the new edition and the experimentation with some new lists brought me some victories and with those an injection of renewed encouragement.


So we’ll begin with my Tau commander. It is a Forge World models (I forgot exactly which one), that is really imposing and while painting it I wanted to steer away from the yellow, as I wanted him to stand out on the battlefield. I didn’t take a picture of it with his accompanying drones, but they share the same red/white color scheme. The base uses my idea of an invasion being conducted on a desert world whith some crystal deposits sprouting (they’re used as fuel for vehicles and guns). Showtime!




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Today’s update is the Portuguese version of the Battle Report published here on the blog yesterday. In case you missed it you can click this link to read it, not only finding out how the Orks got beaten but also finding yourself a 10% discount code to be used on any purchases on Warmill’s website.




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Hoje temos mais um Relatório de Batalha (Battle Report) aqui no blog. Desta vez acompanhamos um embate entre Eldars (capitaneados por mim) e Orks (comandados pelo Marcelo – cujos artigos do “Tale of X Gamers” você pode acompanhar aqui).



“Com os olhos da mente o Farseer observava as fortificações abandonadas. Sua visão aqui era como a de um pássaro perscrutando do alto as construções deixadas para trás quando os humanos recuaram. Não havia mais o que proteger, e agora, sem função, os postos avançados de guarda e monitoramento aguardavam em silêncio por novos ocupantes.


O planeta havia mudado muito. Os humanos não hesitaram em destruir toda a rica cobertura vegetal nativa com agentes químicos para negar aos Tyranids a biomassa de que necessitariam para ampliar as forças do enxame. Foi mais ou menos na mesma época em que as plantas morreram que as pedras em formato de crânio surgiram, brotando do solo como sementes malignas brotando após a primeira. E então vieram também os Orks.


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It’s time for another battle report here on the blog. This time we’ll follow the latest conflict between my Eldar and Marcelo’s Orks (which you can read about on his ToXG articles here on the blog).

“With his mind’s eye the Eldar Farseer could observe the abandoned fortifications. Floating high in the air he shared the birds’ view of the buildings left behind when the humans retreated. There was nothing left here to protect now, and without that, the outposts which once guarded and monitored the planet’s riches were left behind and now waited for new masters to defend.


The planet had changed drastically. The humans, true to their kind and abusive methods of war didn’t hesitate to employ chemical agents in order to destroy the once abundant plant life that covered the entire planet trying to deny the Tyranids the vital biomass they needed to engorge their swarms. It was about the same time that the plants died that the skull shaped rocks started sprouting like evil seeds after the first rain. And then the Orks came.




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Going on with the project I’ll continue with my troop choices for this post. After agreat deal I’ve purchased enough used miniatures to assemble two 12 man Fire Warrior squads and a 6 man Pathfinder squad.


I’ve also managed to buy me my second Devilfish after a couple of pretty frustrating auctions.




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This is my 5th article from a series about “A Tale of X Gamers – ToXH” where I’ll build a 2000 point Ork army for the Warhammer 40K game.


On the previous month I finished panting my Warlord, Ghazghkull Thraka. This month I haven’t painted anything new, but I do have something to share with you readers. One of these days when I went for a game on Gereth’s house something really unpleasant happened.


Ever since I began gaming, I had always transported my miniatures in a regular box, without any sort of protection. The models were loose inside the box.


Hello folks.


This is my fourth article from a series about “A Tale of X Gamers – ToXH” where I’ll build a 2000 point Ork army for the Warhammer 40K game.


On the previous article I presented my full army list and miniatures set. I’ve opted to purchase all the miniatures I’d need to build my army on the first months of the project, which will allow me to start playing games right from the start with my battle brothers.


Now all that’s left to do is painting.





After a while without touching any miniatures I’m back to showcase the basic color scheme for the troops on my Tau army.


I’ve always wanted to paint yellow and this project has presented me with the opportunity to lear how to paint this color. So my basic troops will sport an yellow paint scheme with some cream and brown added to it.


When it came to details I didn’t want to stray far from my chosen palette so I opted for orange and in order to break all those colors a bit the plasma effects will be painted in blue.




Hello folks.


Continuing the series of articles of the “A Tale of X Gamers” – ToXG, I’m back to relay to you my experience on my third month of the challenge of building an Ork army of 2000 points for Warhammer 40.000.


Last month I finished painting the miniatures from the Assault on Black Reach basic box (20 Ork Boys, 5 Ork Nobz and 1 Warboss) and also finished assembling the ones from the Battleforce, the Lootas, Big Mek and extra Boys purchased off Ebay.


This month I have received some new items bought on Ebay to increase the army. Thus I’ve spent my free time assembling and organizing the new army.




Hello guys.


Continuing the series of articles for the “A tale of X Gamers” – ToXG, I come forward to relay to you Reader me experience during the second month of this challenge of building a 2000 point ork army.


So, before we go on, a quick recap: On the first month I’ve painted 16 Ork Boys and 3 Deffkoptas from the old 5th Edition Starter set, Assault on Black Reach, which total 231 points.


The plans for my second month were to finish painting the miniatures from the AoBR box and to purchase some new units and that’s exactly what happened.




Hello folks, I’m 4irw4lk3r from the “Brushes n’ Paints” blog and I’m participating on this project from my friend Gereth here on the “The Painting Frog” blog.


I’m still having a hard time trying to decide which theme to use on my new Tau army and full of doubts about what to buy in order to expand the army. With the rumors about the new Codex Tau floating around I might stick to the basics from the Battleforce box for a while.


I intend to work on assembling the army and coming up with a theme for it this month as I already have a color scheme for it in my mind, with sober colors but with a range of combinations that may make the models shine on the tabletop.