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Hello there Reader.


I must begin this post by being honest and admitting I haven’t been able to produce a single figure for the “A Tale of X Gamers” Project.


There were countless factors which conspired so that I wouldn’t have the time or the will to work on the miniatures of my Word Bearers army and since that’s something most of us will face sometime over the course of our hobby lives I thought it would be ok to talk a little bit about it here on the blog.


Every now and then I talk about “real life” here on the blog, which is the everyday stuff from our lives when we’re not devoting ourselves to what truly matters: Our hobby. Well, real life does have the intrusive habit of getting into one’s way when it comes to quality hobby time and it’s only natural that from time to time, we see ourselves without enough free time to devote to our hobbies, specially wargaming which demands a lot of time in order to assemble and paint our miniatures before we even get to play some games.



Hello there.

No, we haven’t given up on the “A Tale of X Gamers” project. Far from that, but, unfortunately real life does have a meddlesome habit of getting on the way of our hobby related projects from time to time doesn’t it? Someone far wiser than me has said that “Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans” and that has proven accurate once more.

I have once more been betrayed by my computer. This time it was my own fault as I managed to get it infected with some pretty virulent internet virus which began to shut down and erase everything I had on my hard drives. I did get it serviced by a specialized technician but when it came back there were faulty files and a bunch of shenanigans which prompted me to take it back to the store and have it formatted once more. And there it remains to this day.


Hello Reader.


As you’ve probably noticed we had quite a few posts over the month of October from the “A Tale of X Gamers” project. As I explained on my introductory post about it, this was an old idea that I’m happy to see becoming reality thanks to the willingness of the participants to whom I’m deeply thankful.


One of the nice things of this project is that I also became a reader of the blog, with the privilege of being able to read the texts before anyone else, but a reader nonetheless. So yesterday as I finished editing one of the last texts which will be published this month I caught myself wanting to see what’s coming next from the participants, like how they’ll develop their army lists, whether or not they’ll include my favorite units from their Codexes and so on and so forth. I can say I’m definitely hooked by now and that I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.


Another nice thing about the project is that, with the exception of article deadlines, budget and number of points we’ll need to collect for our armies, nothing else was arranged between the participants and still the pool of participants and armies couldn’t be more eclectic, illustrating how varied our approached to the hobby can be and that even when utilizing the same Codex to build an army the end results can be very different (like the armies being built by Caio and Montagna with the Grey Knights Codex for instance).




It’s been a while right?

The last post here was about a tournament I attended in Curitiba right? Well there’s A LOT more going on with my hobby ever since. Haven’t uploaded regularly ‘cause I was away on vacation with my family. Now everything is pretty much back on track.

It’s also been a while since I posted any of my works here so it’s time to remedy that.

While on holiday I went visiting a very good friend and fellow hobbyist, Eduardo, who used to live in my hometown but has since moved back to his  own state. While there I managed to rescue a model from a common friend that Eduardo took with him to be painted and which had gone into the warp ever since.

Nothing more appropriate as the model in question is a Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator armour.  I found it gathering dust and effected a daring rescue to bring it back into realspace. NO I’m not pledging allegiance to the chaos gods, at least not yet, but the miniature in question has been one of my gaming nemesis ever since I started wargaming ages ago.

It’s owner, Luis, has been a steady gaming partner ever since we started together in the hobby. His representation on the battlefield while fielding his Chaos army has always been “Malek the Unbound”. I converted a miniature to represent him a while ago but when GW released the Chaos Lord plastic model Luis bought himself a box for a much needed upgrade on his battlefield persona.

Seeing him still waiting to be painted, and knowing Luis longed for Malek’s return I felt nothing would be more fitting than rescuing him from his captors and finally bringing that miniature to life after all these years.

I finally understood why Eduardo hadn’t painted it when I set brush to it in the beginning of the week. The miniature was completely assembled and full of optional extras cluttering it making it extremely difficult to paint it.

I took the arms out and a book which was dangling from its belt and standing in the way of the paintbrush. I also opted to take a familiar out of the base as it didn’t add anything to the miniature and was also in the way.

I talked to Luis about his desired paint scheme. He told me Malek is a sorcerer with the mark of tzeentch working for Abaddon and his Black Legion, thus, he envisioned his armour painted blue with some hints of “Black Legioness” to him. I tried to convey that by leaving the shoulder plates black and painting the legion’s symbol on the left while painting a mark of tzeentch (in legion colours) on the right one. I also tried to convey age with the verdigris on his armour (which I’m quite happy with).

Been working on it on and off over the course of this week and finished it over my luch break today. So, without any further ado I unleash Malek the Unbound on the 41st Millennium (and on the internet and on the gaming table).

Given the amount of work I had to rescue Malek from a rival Chaos Lord within the Eye of Terror, and the paintjob I did on it, I told Luis I’ll give him a chance to recover his gaming self… IN BATTLE. I’ll arrange an apocalypse battle soon in which Malek’s miniature will be an objective on the table. If at the end of the game his forces control this objective he gets to take the miniature back home. If not the miniature joins my collection.











Salve Leitor.

O último post por aqui foi um report sobre o Torneio Polar realizado em Curitiba em 28 e 29 de maio passado. Eu tencionava fazer uma versão em português do texto mas acabei não tendo tempo em virtude das férias com a família. Eu normalmente tento fazer todos os posts aqui serem bilíngües mas no caso do report em questão o post já estava meio extenso com as fotos e optei por duas versões. Falha minha que pretendo remediar em breve.

Bom, desde então eu já participei de outro torneio, viajei pra visitar um amigo o que nos trás ao post de hoje.

Alguns leitores podem conhecer o Eduardo, “MeuNick” nos fóruns, um amigo que acredito já ter mencionado aqui algumas vezes. O Eduardo morou em Cuiabá por um tempo, período em que estreitamos os laços de amizade, mas acabou se mudando de volta para Natal no RN. Como tava com saudade do amigo resolvi ir visitá-lo com a família.

Eis que durante a visita eu encontro por lá uma miniatura do Luis “Malek” Carlos que o Eduardo tinha ficado de pintar, levado embora, e da qual nunca mais tivemos noticias.

A miniatura em questão é um Sorcerer do Chaos em Terminator Armour que representa a persona do Luis Carlos no campo de batalha: Malek the Unbound, feiticeiro da Black Legion. Bom esse cara em questão tem sido meu mais antigo nêmesis no campo de batalha desde que eu e o Luis começamos a jogar juntos nos idos de 1999 (ou 1998?). Ele já tinha tido uma outra miniatura, convertida por mim a partir do Ahriman, mas quando a GW lançou o novo kit plástico o Luis, com alguma pressão da galera, resolveu dar um upgrade no cara.

Como eu já disse o Eduardo tinha ficado de pintar a mini, mas levou ela embora e deve ter se esquecido dela, ao menos assim pensei eu. Como o Luis sempre falava dessa miniatura, já tendo a dada como perdida possivelmente, “resgatei-a” das garras de um Chaos Lord rival que o havia aprisionado no warp e trouxe-a para casa para finalmente ser pintada.

Comecei na segunda feira passada e rapidamente entendi o porquê do Eduardo não ter mexido nela: A mini estava toda montada e CHEIA de penduricalhos. De cara arranquei fora os braços, um livrinho pendurado no meio do caminho pra pintar a capa e um familiar nada a ver que estava na base (o trequinho feio). Assim ficou mais fácil pintar a peça.

Eu já entreguei pro Luis que resgatei o Malek e acabei perguntando à ele qual esquema de cores ele pensava em adotar. Ele disse imaginar a mini mesclando as cores dos Thousand Sons e da Black Legion já que o Malek é um feiticeiro com a marca de Tzeentch à serviço do Abaddon.

Mandei ver então pintando a armadura de azul, evocando a cor dos librarians leais ao imperador, e deixando as ombreiras na cor da Black Legion, com o símbolo dessa legião na ombreira esquerda e a marca de Tzeentch na ombreira direita. Meu toque pessoal ficou por conta do bronze envelhecido na armadura. Queria deixar ela com o aspecto de uma relíquia, uma armadura que vem sendo usada por esse cara desde a heresia.  Deixo as fotos falarem mais.

Como já disse eu já avisei ao Luis que ia pintar a mini, mas, na mesma oportunidade disse que ele vai ter a chance de retomá-la para sim em COMBATE! Penso em fazer uma batalha de Apocalypse em breve onde o Malek será um dos objetivos. Se ao final do jogo as tropas do Luis conquistarem ao menos esse objetivo eu devolvo a mini pra ele, caso contrário, ela passa a integrar minha coleção.

Abraço e até breve!