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Hello everybody!


One more month, one more unit added to my army. My first units were all some kind of infantry, so this time I went for a vehicle. I know that in the 6th edition of WH40K the troops are highly valuable to the game, but I just love tanks. There’s nothing like a behemoth running over your enemies. Based on that, I chose the Vindicator, because it’s a tank and also highly effective against infantry and vehicles (S10, AP1, ordnance, 5”blast).


This month’s cost was R$135,00 (one hundred and thirty  five reais, which is around sixty five American dollars) considering tax and shipping (it was bought with other stuff, like I said in another article of this series, lowering shipping costs).





What’s up folks?


This month I planned to build more than one unit, but a regrettable fact in my life put me down so that I had to prioritize other things. My apartment was robbed on November 14th, and in addition to the shock, I had a colossal financial loss. This project will not be interrupted only because I already possess the models I will use along it.


Back on topic, this month I built my HQ, a Captain in Terminator Armor, with Combi-Plasma and a Chainfist. As it is also an expansion to my current Marines army, this will be the captain of the 1st company. The individual cost of this model was quite low, considering it is 1/5 from the terminators box, it was below R$30,00, which is great for the army’s budget.


You will notice that I made some conversions in this model. I used the Combi-Plasma from the finecast model of the Librarian in Terminator Armour, cut off the Stormbolter that usually comes in the terminators’ arm and glued the Combi-Plasma in its place. Inspired by a post in “What’s New Today” blog from GW, the breastplate is a bit from the Venerable Dreadnought kit, cut to fit. The rest are just add-ons that usually come in the Space Marine kits, such as purity seals and the laurel glued on the Chainfist.